Back issues to the Jack Corbett Looking Glass Magazine

 The Jack Corbett Looking Glass Magazine focuses on Pattaya go go bars, Thailand and Vietnam, Guns, small motorcycles,  strip clubs



 The Hong Kong Macau December 2013 Issue

The Pattaya Ko Larn Island Motorbiking October 2013 Issue

The Best Small Motorbike for Thailand's Cities August 2013 Issue

 The Pattaya Drinking Street Sexy Bar Girl Video May 2013 Issue

The Perfect Beach in Krabi  January 2013 Issue

The 45 Thompson submachinegun September 2012 Issue

The Ko Chang June 2012 Issue

The Looking Glass Magazine  Skytop Pattaya Beer Bar Video Issue April 2012 Issue

The Pattaya Best  Bar March 2012 Issue

The Justification for Hedonsism January 2012 Issue

 Pattaya Kitten Club of the Month November 2011 Issue

Pattaya Wongamat Beach October 2011 Issue

The Bangkok Pattaya Hospital August 2011 Issue

Honda 250 CBR Roadtest June 2011 Issue

The Find the Porn Game April 2011 Issue

Pattaya Lady Boys with Breast Jobs February 2011 Issue

The Ho Chi Minh City Tour November 2010 Issue

The Pattaya Crocodile Farm September 2010 Issue

The Jack Corbett 12 Wonders of Pattaya April 2010 Issue

The Ko Samet motorcycle off road January 2010 Issue

The Ha Long Bay Vietnamese Junk Cruise  November 2009 Issue

Late Date in Vietnam  May 2009 Issue

 The Pattaya Building Exposion February 2009 Issue

The Thai Girl of the Month February 2007 Issue

The Movie, "The Beach" Issue that starred Leonardo DiCaprio November 2006

The Nong Nooch Tropical  Gardens August 2006 Issue

 The Pattaya Serviced Apartments June 2006 Issue

The Martial Arts versus Boxing January 2006 Issue

The Looking Glass  Magazine Annual Awards October 2005 

The Thailand Medical Care July 2005 Issue

White Tiger in a Strip Club February 2005 Issue

 The Thailand Babes December 2004 Issue

 The Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling (SPEW) October 2004 Issue

 Exotic Dancer Las Vegas Strip Club Convention September 2004 Issue

The Looking Glass Magazine Exotic Photography August 2004 Issue

The Professional Nude Dancers July 2004 Issue

The Pleasure and Pain Mother Daughter Stripper June 2004 Issue

The 2003 Exotic Dancer Expo at Caesar's Palace Las Vegas September 2003

The 2003 Nudes-A-Poppin August 2003 Issue

The Lumberyard Strip Club of the Month July 2003 Issue

The Maximus Strip Club of the Month June 2003 Issue

 The Extreme Guns and Babes May 2003 Issue

 The Oasis Strip Club April 2003 Issue

The Candy Store Topless Club of the Month March 2003 Issue

The Big Daddys Cabaret January 2003 Issue

The M.S. Nude Texas December  2002 Issue

The Dirty Heather Colt Python stripper photoshoot November 2002 Issue

 The 2002 Exotic Dancer Convention October 2002 Issue

The Ponderosa Sun Ranch totally Nudist September 2002 Issue

The Miss Nude Great Plains August 2002 Issue

The Larry Flynt Hustler Club July 2002 Issue

The Candy Store Topless Club March 2002 Issue

Why have an online magazine February 2002 Issue

The Laundry Room Pervert January 2002 Issue


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