The Looking Glass Magazine "The Beach Movie Issue
November 2006

Meet Loom, The Looking Glass Thai girl of the month
by Jack Corbett


Meet Loom, who studied, then graduated with a four year marketing degree before posing for Jack's camera at Sattahip's Sai Keaw beach and a secret undisclosed location near Pattaya.     

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Articles on Nudes-A-Poppin

Gun articles with beautiful models, the AK-47, Springfield M-1 A, Ruger SP-101, the Kentucky rifle just to name a few.

More than a single year's coverage on Exotic Dancer's Expo you are not going to find anywhere else.

The Pure Talent Feature Showcases, clubs such as Club Oasis, the Lumberyard, Big Daddys, Club Fantasies in Providence, and many others.


The debaucherous misadventures of a Pattaya Newbie 

Meet Ari, who comes to Pattaya for the first time in a quest for wine, babes, and experiences worth writing about.  Ari's diary takes you into an unbelievable world most men can only dream about. 


Uncle Bufford



The Beach Movie revisited, Krabi and  Phi Phi
by Jack Corbett

snorkeling where the Beach Movie was filmed

We snorkel 20 feet to the bottom of Maya Bay,  where The Beach was filmed starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  We took a week off to Krabi and then to the Phi-Phi Islands which inspired the movie, to soon become overrun by tourists, and then came the tsunami.  But Krabi and the nearby islands is astonishing, and Phi- hi is not to be missed. 

It is movie time at Wongamat Beach's Long Beach Hotel

Korean movie actresses

Just 2 miles North of Pattaya, the Long Beach Hotel is so visually stimulating you'd think someone would make a movie here.  They did.  Or was it a television talk show?  But whatever those Koreans did they were using some of the most impressive video equipment we've seen, and the Korean girls they were filming were ever so cute that we decided to make our own movie, available only here in the Looking Glass. 


The Looking Glass's fun, sun, and babes resource guide to Thailand for the discriminating male.

Born in the U.S.A. and think you've got it made?  If you are single, you could be on the worse place on earth for meeting or having the best babes.   Many cognoscenti believe that if there's a Paradise on earth for the American wanting to upgrade Thailand is the answer.  Check out our Looking Glass pages to find out more how to make your dreams a reality.


Madame Nook's North Pattaya and Naklua Restaurant Reviews

Madame NookWho better to review Pattaya's wondrous restaurants than Madame Nook?  She's Thai so she knows Thai food from what's good and bad to what is sold at exorbitant prices, And who better than a Thai to tell you what restaurants offer the best service or ambience you are searching for.  Besides, Madame Nook is gorgeous which is just one of the many reasons she's doing the restaurant reviews for the Looking Glass instead of somebody else. 

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We are going to put video footage here whenever we feel like it so keep checking for whatever's next.  For now we will leave it a surprise until you click on the link above to find out.   

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