The Looking Glass Magazine Ko Samet Motorcycle Issue January 2010 Issue

Jack Corbett's Twelve Wonders of Pattaya--The Sanctuary of Truth episode 2
by Jack Corbett

Best known as the world's wildest, woolliest,  no holds barred party town, "Fun City", the Looking Glass simply doesn't believe Pattaya's getting the attention it deserves for all the other great attractions it has to offer.  The typical visitor to Pattaya immerses himself in its over 1500 bars and night clubs, sleeps in late, and never experiences Jack Corbett's Twelve Wonders of Pattaya.  Those who get up early to experience these treasures will find Pattaya to be one of the most compelling, interesting cities on earth.

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Cockfighting in Thailand
by Jack Corbett

Fighting Cocks

The aggressiveness of two fighting cocks suddenly placed in front of each other is unbelievable.  And that's just the windup to an unrelenting fight to the finish.  Jack Corbett managed to get it all on video while visiting "the village" in Korat, Thailand.


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Motor bike riding in Koh Samet
by Jack Corbett

Koh Samed Villa Resort

What does this picture of a Koh Samet Beach have to do with dirt bike riding on Koh Samet Island?  Nothing, and that's the whole point.  The picture is unnaturally surrealistic and so is Koh Samet with its white talcum powder sand and romantic lanterns lighting up the beach at night.  What most visitors don't know anything about is the Ko Samet motorcycle dirt bike riding experience they can have that will take their Koh Samet trip to an entirely new dimension.

Madame Nook's North Pattaya and Naklua Restaurant Reviews

Madame Nook's North Pattaya and Naklua restaurant reviewsWho better to review Pattaya's wondrous restaurants than Madame Nook?  She's Thai so she knows Thai food from what's good and bad to what is sold at exorbitant prices, And who better than a Thai to tell you what restaurants offer the best service or ambience you are searching for.  Besides, Madame Nook is gorgeous which is just one of the many reasons she's doing the restaurant reviews for the Looking Glass instead of somebody else. 


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