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 Find the Porn Game Issue
April 2011


The Mothers for a More Boring Nation, Pay Pal, IX Hosting, Fox News, and the Republican Nazi Party have all found me, to be a pornographer.  So after being banned from Pay Pal and IX Hosting and being falsely accused of being a pornographer I'm offering "Find the Porn", a  Porn game the whole family can enjoy to show once and for all that I value traditional American family values.

Jack Corbett



Honda PCX Yamaha Nouvo Elegance Shootout

Honda PCX and Yamaha Nouvo Elegance

Everyone in Thailand or the world where you can buy Honda's PCX 125 c.c. scooter or Yamaha's 135 c.c. Nouvo Elegance needs to read about this shootout to find out which bike performs best for fuel economy, cruising ability, handling and other performance characteristics. 

by Uncle Bufford

Uncle Bufford's cartoon image 

Naklua Bar Reviews



Welcome to the Fun House

Until now Jack's only written one novel, "Death on the Wild Side"  Although "Welcome to the Fun House" is still not quite complete, here's installment one.

Welcome to the Fun House



Xtreme Weapons calendar

The original Xtreme Guns and Babes photo shoots with over 20 Jack Corbett gun articles with pictures of strippers and feature entertainers modeling the weapons



Introducing Chiang Mai Kelly

Who wouldn't want to live the dream, living with six go go dancers in Pattaya--think about it, six sexy Thai ladies other men have to pay for, living each night as if it's their last .  Such was Kelly's lot in life for an entire year.  Don't miss episode 1 and much more to come for the definitive insider's story of what go go dancers really want, who their boyfriends are, how they spend their time and the games they play.

Living with 6 Go Go dancers



Chiang Mai Kelly


Madame Nook Pattaya and Naklua Restaurant Reviews

The Hot Tub by Scott Waggoner 

Who better to review Pattaya's wondrous restaurants than Madame Nook?  She's Thai so she knows the difference between what's sold at exorbitant prices and the great culinary deals out there.


Uncle Bufford in go go bar 


The Si Racha Tiger Zoo
by Jack Corbett

Siracha Tiger Zoo

"What in here?  Crocodiles at the Si Racha Tiger Zoo.  Absolutely--and there's probably 2000 of them along with elephant shows, tiger shows, baby tigers nursing from grown up pigs, and there's even a restaurant where you can get your revenge for all those people who have been eaten by crocodiles by dining on "Crocodilia a la Martin".  This is just one of

  Jack Corbett's 12 Wonders of Pattaya

The babes at the Pattaya X-Zyte

Experience some of Thailand's hottest babes dancing in this scintillating You Tube video on the Jack Corbett channel



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