The Looking Glass Magazine Laundry Room Pervert Issue
January 2002

McTeague, an owner of Extreme Magazine used to write for Xtreme. 
Laundry Room Pervert is one of his most irreverent masterpieces

  Taylor from Reginas Cabaret

PT's Sports Cabaret --The Looking Glass Landmark of the Month

I met Taylor at Regina's strip club in Springfield, Missouri while doing a photo shoot for the Pure Talent Agency. Several weeks later she drove to my Saint Louis Metro East apartment for a photo shoot.  Then a small group of us went to PT's in Sauget.  PT's Sports was once again a great host which is one of the reasons it's our landmark of the month. You will see more of Taylor since she's going to be Alphapro's woman of the month after Sabrina Scott replaces Heather Monroe.

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Your Horror Scope You read that correctly, horror scope, not horoscope because when you check your future out here you will be horrified

The Secret Behind Scandalous by Jack Corbett

Two of the hottest features on the circuit today are the Scandalous Twins, two blonde bombshells who are simply RIVETTING. Jack meets Adara Michaels, "one of the twins" in Vegas and nearly knocks the table at her booth over. One week later he's interviewing her at Diamond Cabaret in the Metro East on Sept 11th. The interview's a coup for Xtreme Magazine. For the first time the secret behind the Scandalous Twin's success is revealed for over 200,000 East Coast readers of Xtreme, but not in the Midwest. Until now. And only in---The Looking Glass.

Dick Fitswell at the Swingers Bar by Jack Corbett

He's the man with the plan, on a quest for the perfect fit for his 18 inch penis. Is swinging all it's cracked up to be? Follow Dick Fitswell in episode II into the "Erection Zone" as he discovers what's right, and wrong about the wonderful world of swinging.

The Laundry Room Pervert by McTeague

New and completely original from our latest writer to join the Looking Glass Staff--none other than the enigmatic Mcteague. This one's a screen play so he takes a little time to introduce his characters. We advise sticking with this one after the first several pages of introductions. Then sit off by yourself and tuck your legs into your chest.   Please  take this advice seriously because by the time you finish Laundry Room Pervert you will be too convulsed with laughter to stay in your chair.

Being an Adult Industry Professional by Morgan Hawke

Too often the public has this stereotypical image of strippers as a bunch of drugged out, boozed up sluts. We are fortunate to have among our writers Morgan Hawke and Kwinn,both ex dancers and both epitomizing the opposite of this misinformed image. Don't miss this first episode of Morgan's experiences as a dancer and why she stripped in the first place.

Especially for Dancers--Events, Feature Talent Showcases, etc.

Pure Talent, Continental, or another top talent agency having a "Feature Showcase"? If you are at all interested in featuring this is one of your greatest opportunities to make the connections that count. Or how about those special contests that get you the kinds of credits that get you ahead? We will be listing the key events that make the difference in an entertainers career in this section of the Looking Glass.

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