The Looking Glass Magazine Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens Issue August 2006

Featuring Pattaya 2006 Best of the best annual awards, Nong, Thai sex siren of the month, and Nong Nooch best tropical garden in Southeast Asia

Meet Nong, The Looking Glass Thai girl of the month
by Jack Corbett

Nong girl of the month

Meet Nong, who we first met at Anne's Nitnoi Bar at Park Beach condos who had traveled up to Wongamat Beach to help Anne prepare food for one of Anne's parties.  From that first night, I wanted to photograph her as the Looking Glass Woman of the month.     

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Gun articles with beautiful models, the AK-47, Springfield M-1 A, Ruger SP-101, the Kentucky rifle just to name a few.

More than a single year's coverage on Exotic Dancer's Expo you are not going to find anywhere else.

The Pure Talent Feature Showcases, clubs such as Club Oasis, the Lumberyard, Big Daddys, Club Fantasies in Providence, and many others.

Malai Bar--Bar of the Month

Malai Bar

Naklua's Malai Bar gets our nod for the top bar of the month.  See why the Looking Glass feels most Pattaya Beer Bars are incompetently run and why so many other bar owners should come here to learn at the feet of its master to learn how a bar should really be run. 


Uncle Bufford



The Looking Glass landmark of the month, Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens

by Jack Corbett

elephant show
600 acres of Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens is proof that Pattaya's got a lot more to offer than its unparalleled night life and women.  It's huge and here you will even find a replica of Stonehenge while taking in Nong Nooch's world renowned elephant show where you can experience what you will never find in the United States. 

Park Beach Condos the Looking Glass Condo/Hotel of the Month

Park Beach Condo

See what sets Wongamat Beach's Park Beach condos apart from most other condos in the Pattaya area here in Thailand.   

The Looking Glass's fun, sun, and babes resource guide to Thailand for the discriminating male.

Born in the U.S.A. and think you've got it made?  If you are single, you could be on the worse place on earth for meeting or having the best babes.   Many cognoscenti believe that if there's a Paradise on earth for the American wanting to upgrade Thailand is the answer.  Check out our Looking Glass pages to find out more how to make your dreams a reality.

Madame Nook's North Pattaya and Naklua Restaurant Reviews

Madame Nook

Who better to review Pattaya's wondrous restaurants than Madame Nook?  She's Thai so she knows Thai food from what's good and bad to what is sold at exorbitant prices, And who better than a Thai to tell you what restaurants offer the best service or ambience you are searching for.  Besides, Madame Nook is gorgeous which is just one of the many reasons she's doing the restaurant reviews for the Looking Glass instead of somebody else. 


  picture of Jack Corbett

Jack Corbett Pattaya Expats Forum

We are covering the bases on many topics from foreign women, St. Louis Metro East Strip Clubs, Feature entertainers schedules, and where all the major pageants and contests are dancers will want to attend and compete in in this exciting multi forum BBS which has nearly all the bells and whistles. 

Anne the Looking Glass Business-Woman of the Month

One cannot get a better Thai massage in Pattaya than Anne's while her Nitnoi Bar  is hard to beat as a place to hangout in.     

Check out the infamous Jack Corbett topless club Guide to find the strip club you are looking for 

Now covering all fifty states, and in the process of being upgraded, the Looking Glass now offers you the key facts you need to locate the right club fast and efficiently.  For all feature entertainers or house dancers wanting to further their careers and entertainment agencies looking to solid bookings we try to indicate in the guide which clubs book features.  Links with even more detailed information to clubs in the guide having web sites are provided.  If you know of a club that has a web site that is not linked in the Jack Corbett Guide or of a legitimate pageant, contest of other leading adult industry event, please let us know in our Looking Glass forum




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