The Looking Glass Magazine  Skytop Pattaya Beer Bar Video Issue
April 2012

The Skytop Pattaya Beer Bar Video.  How did this You Tube video
plummet from 6000 views to 500 in 24 hours?

15th year anniversary issue of the Looking Glass
 commemorating the Alpha Productions web site's 15th year
and the publication of  two of Jack Corbett's novels
Welcome to the Fun House and the 2nd edition of Death on the Wild Side




Part 1--The Strip Club Experience--Interview of the Perfect Monger, Big Tom.  He gets his business done whether it's with American strippers or Thai bar girls

This is what my fellow expats and I are using here in Thailand for hot water heaters starting at 2550 baht ($85.00).  Mine measures 13.5 by 8 inches.  If you live in the U.S. two choices for you are to go the traditional route and have a water heater with a tank that you keep heated 24-7 which makes about as much sense as keeping your oven on 24 hours a day or getting one of the Consumer Reports rated on demand setups for around $2500.  Read on because we thought you'd like to know.

Yamaha Nouvo fuel injected SX-the Prelease story before you hear a word of truth from the dealers

Nouvo SX

It's not even available at Thailand's dealers who either can't or won't tell you a word about it even though there's been a lot of speculation about this  replacement for the Nouvo Elegance which has just been introduced in Vietnam.   Measure it against the bullet proof Elegance and Yamaha's TTX and Fiore and see if we are right or wrong when the real facts finally emerge long after the genuine article finally reaches Thailand's dealers.  It's got YMjet-FI which Yamaha claims is the most advanced fuel injection on the market, but will it measure up?

Uncle Bufford Naklua Bar Reviews
by Uncle Bufford



 Arianna a del, sexiest naked stripper I ever photographed with an M16 rifle by Jack Corbett

three Jack Corbett novels


The Interactive Porn Game

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 Unleashing-Dick Fitswell, the man in Quest of the Perfect Fit

Introducing Dick Fitswell

He's bad, organized religion fears him, men envy him because of his oversized male appendage, while women either loath him or love him. 


Introducing Chiang Mai Kelly
to the Looking Glass 

Who wouldn't want to live the dream, living with six go go dancers in Pattaya--think about it, six sexy Thai ladies other men have to pay for, living each night as if it's their last .  Such was Kelly's lot in life for an entire year.  Don't miss episode 1 and much more to come for the definitive insider's story of what go go dancers really want, who their boyfriends are, how they spend their time and the games they play.

Teenage Pet's last month before launching her career as a whore

by Chiang Mai Kelly

Chiang Mai Kelly

 Pet, the teenage daughter of one of the four go-go prostitute go-go dancers living with the protagonist  prepares for a career selling her body.


Madame Nook Pattaya and
Naklua Restaurant Reviews

The Hot Tub by Scott Waggoner 

Who better to review Pattaya's wondrous restaurants than Madame Nook?  She's Thai so she knows the difference between what's sold at exorbitant prices and the great culinary deals out there.



Cartoon of Uncle Bufford in go go bar 



Jack Corbett's 12 Wonders
of Pattaya you must see if you can stay out of the bars long enough

There's a lot more to Sin City than the best looking babes in the world, over 2000 bars and more night life than anywhere else on the planet.


Hot Links to Thailand's Hottest
Night Clubs, Restaurants, Forums, etc

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picture of Jack Corbett

Jack Corbett Pattaya Expats Forum




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