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October 2013



  Motor bike Ko Larn Video
by Jack Corbett

Very few tourists will Motor Bike Ko Larn Island. We did, and stayed overnight at the Xanundu Resort.  This is how you get two days beachtime for the price of one.


Uncle Bufford speaks out about where the best Pattaya Women can be found in exclusive interview with Jack Corbett

Uncle Bufford doing interview

Are they in the Walking Street Go Go bars, Beer Bars or Soi Six's notorious short time rooms?  Uncle Bufford tells you what most expats already know.

Uncle Bufford's Naklua Bar Reviews


Uncle Bufford Naklua Bar Reviews

Naklua Bar Reviews



The Interactive Porn Game


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Yamaha Nouvo 125 SX versus Nouvo Elegance 135 and Honda Click 125 i Road Tests

nouvo SX and Honda PCX's

Which motorcycle's  the best for city driving in Pattaya, Thailand.  Jack tests all three for city fuel economy and how fast each small motorbike gets up to 50 and 80 kilometers per hour.


   Rained in at the Naklua Pen Bar with all these Thai women

Who says you have to go to Pattaya's Go Go Bars for a great time?  Real expats such as Peter claim Walking Street's only for tourists who don't know any better.  The action in this video occurred just two nights ago at the Pen Bar on Naklua Soi 18.  Peter (his name is Per in Norwegian) is out for just another typical night by his lonesome.  My girlfriend is sitting just to my right, which is pretty good reason for my repeatedly telling one of the bar girls to stop what she's doing.  But my girlfriend's presence doesn't phase her one bit. Outside the bar no one's going anywhere.  We will be completely drenched before we get 100 meters down the road on our motorbikes so we are stuck here for the duration.  This has been absolutely one of our favorite neighborhood bars going on something like 7 years now.   England has its neighborhood pubs, and the United States has its neighborhood taverns for the locals to hang out at.  We are eternally grateful to have places like this close by to our condos where the women are plentiful, the weather never turns too cold, we can ride our motorbikes year round, drink as much as we want and never have to worry about the police giving us a DWI. 

 Now that Jack's got over a million and a quarter You Tube Viewers on his You Tube channel with over 400 subscribers, you might want to know that he's written and published four books.  So check out his bookstore.   You can buy all four at in paperback or Kindle or from a whole host of book sellers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble.  Keep in mind that all four are entirely the author's own creations, from the typesetting, the photography inside the books and both the front and rear covers.  Only a few years ago the author was one of the foremost adult photographers in the United States.


Jack Corbett's Books

Back then he was more often referred to as "the photographer" than an author, and that along the way from becoming a photographer, he picked up a few graphics arts skills.  What separates the Jack Corbett books from the works of most other authors is that each one represents the totality of its creator's experience as a writer, as a photographer, and as an artist.  The creator of all those You Tube videos wouldn't have it any other way.


Extreme Guns  and Babes for an adult world Death on the Wild Side
Welcome to the Fun House Dick Fitswell

Hot Links to Thailand's Hottest Night Clubs,
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Jack Corbett's Thailand Expat You Tube Channel

Cartoon of Uncle Bufford in go go bar


Jack Corbett's 12 Wonders of Pattaya

There's a lot more to Pattaya other than the best looking babes in the world, over 2000 bars and more night life than anywhere else.


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