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May 2013



  This Drinking Street's beer bar video shows world's sexiest women are found in Pattaya
by Jack Corbett


Drinking Street here in Pattaya has over 20 bars and although there's several beautiful Thai girls dancing on stages in this video, Kwan completely steals the show as she shakes her cute little butt to the music, performs fellatio on a Bacardi Breezer bottle, and flirts with me and my Thai guy pals.  If Kwan doesn't get over 1000 views a day on You Tube, I'll be very surprised because Kwan's really got the right stuff in spades--guaranteed. 

Should I buy the Honda PCX 150 or keep my smaller 125?

150 PCX and 125 PCX

by Jack Corbett

 Should you trade your PCX 125 for the newer, larger, 150 PCX to gain extra cc's and horsepower?  I rent a PCX 150 and then Peter and I run his 125 PCX against my rental on a 120 kilometer circuit here in Thailand from Pattaya to Rayong to find out which bike has better fuel economy, top speed, acceleration, ride and handling. 


Best Motorbikes for Thailand Cities

by Jack Corbett

Avoid all the B.S. and misinformation spouted by the misinformed and hopelessly misguided to find the best motorbikes for Thailand.   you want to find out  you are about to move to Thailand read this before reading anything else before you buy a motorbike. 


Uncle Bufford Naklua Bar Reviews
by Uncle Bufford

Naklua Bar Reviews

The Interactive Porn Game


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Cartoon of Uncle Bufford in go go bar


Banging the Daughter of the Thai Princess

Chiang Mai Kelly

"If you live in Thailand or are planning to do so you all should pay attention to this because it's just a matter of time before it happens to you."  Chiang Mai Kelly after pulling his "In Like Flynn"

Yeah Right, Kelly.

   Xtreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World now Published

Xtreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World

 With over 115 pictures of over 26 strippers and 26 guns the adult entertainers are showcasing there never has been a gun book like this before.  Never before have so many famous feature entertainers been photographed for a gun book.  Plus, the articles are not just about any gun.  They are about the ground breaking guns that changed the course of Human History such as the Kentucky Rifle, the American Civil War rifled musket, the 50 caliber Browning Machine gun, the M-1 Garand, the German 1898 Mauser, the AK-47, the Israeli Uzi, the 45 Single Action Army cowboy revolver, etc.   And the women modeling with the weapons--let's start with two Miss Nude World's, one M.S. Texas and one Miss Nude Illinois for starters.  Order your copy at Amazon.com today in your choice of three editions, Kindle, full color  or black and  white.

Why you need the Jack Corbett Thailand Motorcycle Reviews

There's a lot of b.s. out there about the small motorbikes real expats use everyday here in Thailand along with a huge black hole that amounts to very little good information you can rely upon to make wise buying choices.  These reviews will focus upon the smaller motorcycles that are being used everyday by the guys and gals who actually live here. 


Expat Report Card after living 8 years in Thailand

Report Card

 Jack Corbett's Thailand Expat You Tube Channel

Jack Corbett's You Tube Channel

How to avoid the perils of Songkran
while remaining in Pattaya

With Eurotrash and English soccer hooligans dousing everyone in sight with water, oftentimes laden with ice or urine from their high powered squirt guns each year brings Pattaya's Songkran water holiday increasingly out of control.  What started as a one to two day traditional Thai New Year holiday and still remains so for the rest of Thailand has become a nine day abomination of mindless revelry where motorcyclists become the most inviting targets and the death toll mounts.  In what is an intolerable situation for many residents, many expats leave for other countries.  But I have another idea which is to hole up in the sensational Centara Grand Hotel where I have my health club membership or my nearby condo just to see if I can stay dry for nine days.  Meanwhile my friends Billy Bob and Big John are shooting all the chaos around them with their video cameras. 

This video's got it all from sexy Thai women to the regrettable antics of English soccer hooligans to the splendor of the 360 meter Lazy River swimming pool at Pattaya's five star Centara Grand Hotel. 

Two Great Restaurants--1. Swiss-French or 2. English


Greg's restaurant 

Here's two restaurants we recommend.  One is English.  That's Greg's Kitchen over at Drinking Street.  Greg's got some of the best food in all of Pattaya including the best meat pies in Thailand, and all that other great English fare such as Fish and Chips, Yorkshire pudding, and the most ungodly tasting Cherry Pie a la mode you've probably ever tried.   The other Restaurant is Le Jardin Suisse.   The owners are Swiss French.  Its best feature is its beautiful garden which makes it by far the quietest restaurant on Naklua Soi 16. 


Jack Corbett's 12 Wonders
of Pattaya

There's a lot more to Pattaya other than the best looking babes in the world, over 2000 bars and more night life than anywhere else.


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