The Looking Glass Magazine Twelve Wonders of Pattaya Issue

April 2010

Jack Corbett's Twelve Wonders of Pattaya--The Khao Kheow Zoo--all 2000 acres of it.

White Tiger

Best known as the world's wildest, woolliest party town, "Fun City",  Pattaya's not getting the attention it deserves for all the other great attractions it has to offer.  Most visitors to Pattaya immerse themselve in  over 1500 bars, sleep in late, and never experience Jack Corbett's Twelve Wonders of Pattaya.  Those who get up early to experience these treasures will find Pattaya to be one of the most compelling, interesting cities on earth.  This month we take you to the Khao Kheow zoo, all 2000 acres of it, where you need a car or golf kart to see it all--home to over 8000 wild animals. 

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Riding the Honda CBR 150 motorcycle through Krabi's spectacular karsts.

by Jack Corbett
Honda CBR 150

The Honda CBR 150 R is considered by many to be a wanna bee performance bike, too small for adult Western males, too much of a crotch rocket, too uncomfortable and yet nearly everyone who's got one loves it.  Although Jack seems too tall for this little toy see why he concludes the CBR 150 R is so far the best all around bike for Thailand when it comes to  needing the best bike to handle both country two lane roads and city driving.


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 picture of Jack Corbett

Jack Corbett  Pattaya Expats Forum


We sample 8 Thailand hotels on Krabi, Railey Beach and Phi Phi 

by Jack Corbett
Long tail boats Tonsai Bay

In eight days, we sampled six different hotels and resorts in four separate areas throughout the Krabi area, Ao Nang Beach, the South end of Phi Phi Don, the still non touristy Eastern side of Phi Phi, and Tonsai Bay at Railey which is said to be the fourth best rock climbing center in the world.  Snorkeling, kayaking, and even testing a motorcyle, wound up getting a bit of everything in what Jack feels is the number one beach--island get away Thailand has to offer. 

Madame Nook's North Pattaya and Naklua Restaurant Reviews

Madama Nook in the hot tub

Who better to review Pattaya's wondrous restaurants than Madame Nook?  She's Thai so she knows Thai food from what's good and bad to what is sold at exorbitant prices, And who better than a Thai to tell you what restaurants offer the best service or ambience you are searching for.  Besides, Madame Nook is gorgeous which is just one of the many reasons she's doing the restaurant reviews for the Looking Glass instead of somebody else. 



Wongamat Beach condo listings
Wongamat Beach Long Beach Hotel

Exclusive for Wongamat Residence condo owners the Looking Glass now offers free listings for owners wanting to rent or sell their condos here at Wongamat Residence or elsewhere.  Surrounded by upper scale condos and hotels such as the prestigious North Point condos, the Cove, the four star Long Beach Hotel pictured above, and the five Star Centara Hotel living at Wongamat Residence whether as an owner or renter represents an unprecedented bargain.


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