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Why travel 9,000 miles to Thailand?

  • Because of the food.  Although many consider Chinese food in its nearly infinite variations to be the world's best, in the opinion of many true connoisseurs Thai cooking is still another step up the evolutionary ladder, and here in Thailand, the food is cheap.  This is definitely the place for the culinary purist.

  • The culture.  In the Orient History is measured not just in hundreds but in thousands of years and Thailand is no exception.  For we Americans immersed in a culture of "Get Rich Quick", fast food, any environmental change is for the better, and war is change so change is good, visiting Thailand is a time of change, a time to lay back and experience something altogether new, and a time to refresh one's batteries.

  • The exciting fast pace of Bangkok.  Now a thriving Metropolis of over nine million, Bangkok is a shopper's paradise as well as being the historical capital of Siam and melting pot where millions have come together to create a fast pulsed pace of life that will thrill even the most jaded.

  • A land where the risk is often upon you where big brother's not looking after you and a land of relatively few lawyers.  Venture out into the street and if you are not careful you just might get run over.  Which for the faint of heart in the U.S. hiding behind the skirt of the next available lawyer might seem fool hardy as well as socially unacceptable.  But the reverse side of the coin is that you are free to play with tigers and elephants,  and do all sorts of fun things that no one in his right mind would be willing to let you do for fear of being sued.

  • Where an unfamiliar and varied landscape invites you from jungle terrain to pristine beaches and high mountains. 

  • And lastly for the babes.  Hardly anyone will argue that American women are among the most spoiled in the world, and they are getting fatter with each coming year, due to a bad diet of fast food and lack of exercise.  Face it, now many women do you see regularly working out in a gym?  In Thailand, women are typically slender and come in the curves one dreams about.  They typically respect their elders and have a high degree of reverence for family.  One can even buy a t shirt that reads:  "Once you go Asian you never go Caucasian".  Once you experience Thai women, you will see the truth in that adage.  And here in the Land of Smiles, they are as easy to meet as hunting in a zoo. 

  • In Thailand, prices are low for most things.  This could be the paradise on earth you have been looking for as a place to retire.

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