Looking Glass Motorcycle Reviews
by Jack Corbett

These are the motorcycle reviews you won't find anywhere else as we test for fuel economy and all around performance in a variety of road conditions here in Pattaya, Thailand on the bikes real people use day in  and day out.

Reviewed are the Honda Air Blade, CBR 150, CBR 250, PCX, the Yamaha 135 Elegance, fuel injected SX, TTX, Fiore, and the 150 Honda PCX

Motorbike Test--Honda Air Blade--November 2006

Motorbike Review--Testing the Honda CBR 150 in Krabi--April 2010

Off-road Motorbike riding In Koh Samet--January 2010

PCX vs. Yamaha Nouvo Elegance Shootout--April 2011

Jack Corbett crash tests Honda CBR 250--June 2011

What will the new fuel injected Yamaha Nouvo SX be like?--April 2012

The Nouvo 135 c.c. carbureted 11.2 horsepower Elegance--April 2012

How well will the upcoming Yamaha Nouvo SX stack up against the Yamaha Nouvo Elegance 135 it's replacing? April 2012

The Yamaha 2012 Fiore with YMJET-FI  Fuel Injection--April 2012

The Yamaha 2012 TTX with YMJET-FI Fuel Injection--April 2012

Fuel Injected 125 c.c.Yamaha Nouvo SX test run vs Yamaha Nouvo Elegance 135 with carburetor  January 2013

Honda 125 PCX versus 2013 Honda 150 PCX--May 2013


Why you need the Jack Corbett Motorbike Reviews--May 2013

Best Motorbikes for Thailand--May 2013

Honda Click 125i--August 2013

Godawful Paint Schemes for small motorbikes--August 2013

More about Underbone  motorbikes--August 2013

Yamaha Nouvo SX vs. Honda Click 125i vs Yamaha Nouvo Elegance--October 2013

Exploring Pattaya's Koh Larn Island by Motorbike while
hoteling at Samae Beach--October 2013

Yamaha Filano--a Better Vespa at one half the Cost--
December 2013


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