135 c.c. Yamaha Nouvo Elegance
by Jack Corbett

Yamaha Nouvo Elegance

 With 10 more cc's and old school carburetion the Yamaha Nouvo Elegance matches the fuel economy of a 125 c.c. fuel injected Honda PCX. It offers ample under the seat storage and twin rear shocks which you cannot get from a Honda Click, Scoopy, Yamaha Fino, Mio, Fiore or TTX. 

With it forty pounds greater weight and fatter tires the Honda PCX will feel a bit more stable at higher speeds but the Elegance is still stable enough to be able to get the job done. 

With the Yamaha Nouvo Elegance, you aren't going to get passed up by many Honda Waves simply because most Honda Waves come with skimpy thin little tires that won't make a driver feel very comfortable at speed. 

 In city driving the Elegance will be just as easy to park as a Wave or Mio and its going to be better at weaving through tightly packed traffic than the PCX.  Each to his own, however.  I simply find that nothing out there measures up to the Yamaha Elegance or a Honda PCX.  They are both the  flagships of their respective companies and I'd be happy with either. 

I really don't understand why Yamaha has decided to go to a 125 c.c. engine instead of either using its superb and bulletproof 135 or going to an even greater displacement.  I am equally mystified over why Yamaha would decrease the fuel tank capacity of its flagship from 4.8 liters to 4.3.  Only time will tell. 

Yamaha 2012 EleganceYamaha 2012 EleganceYamaha 2012 EleganceYamaha 2012 Elegance

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