Why is the handling of underbones superior to scooters?

 Nouvo Click underbone steel bracing

This picture shows the far superior bracing of motorbike underbones such as a Yamaha Nouvo
 to scooters  such as a Honda Click.   There really is no comparison

top brace on Yamaha Nouvo MXstructural bracing on the Yamaha Nouvo MXBrace on Honda Click

The problem with motorbikes with floorboards compared to those that have a hump in front of their drivers is the large open area that's so roomy for the driver's legs and so spacious for hanging grocery bags permits a lot of flexing due to the front and rear sections of the bike being adequately braced only on the bottom axis of the bike.  Although their utility is excellent, I feel that sacrifices were made in order to provide such utility.  Compare my Yamaha Nouvo Elegance's superior bracing in these pictures to flimsy Vespas, Honda Scoopys, Clicks, Yamaha Mios, Finos, and Filanos.  Also consider that such bikes without floorboards such as the Yamaha Nouvos, the Honda PCX and Airblade, Suziki's Hayate, the Yamaha Spark, and even the Honda Wave have two rear shock absorbers versus the single shock absorber on those bikes I just mentioned with floorboards.  It is my contention that both Honda and Yamaha designed such bikes to appeal to the type of person whose main concern was for a bike that looked good while overlooking or perhaps not even noticing that what appealed to him couldn't possibly handle with the others nor could they hold up when the going really gets tough.  At least that's my theory. But the real question is, how does this theory stack up when I'm actually driving that Honda Click I rented all the way to Rayong and back.

Underbone in the Yamaha Elegance 135 part 1Underbone 2


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