The 2012 Yamaha Fiore with YMJET-FI (fuel injection)

by Jack Corbett

Fiore cover picture

From the picture above clearly this motorbike is marketed towards women, and not the kind of person who thinks with his brain instead of his heart. 

Like the new model Yamaha TTX the Fiore's got Yamaha's latest fuel injection which it bills as YMJET-FI. 

This setup has a dual valve two channel setup where the concept is to shut one valve off when the bike is at idle or low throttle in order to reduce fuel intake to a minimum but to open the second channel up with the second valve when significant speed or acceleration is required.  The bike is lightweight at just 98 kilograms (216 pounds) while it sports  spiffy 12 inch diameter wheels and tires.  It is this that I take my chief issue with.   The wheels are overly small while being relatively fat (they are 9/90's  in the front and 90/90's in the rear) which means they are even fatter than a Nouvo Elegances.  This is a concession to Italian design and as such it's a spinoff of the Vespa which has been with us for over fifty years.  But the laws of physics cannot be denied.  A larger diameter rotating mass of larger diameter wheels and tires simply provides a lot more stability than smaller 10 inch or 12 inch diameter wheels can ever hope to provide, and if you don't believe me, simply go to Wikipedia and a few other online sources where you can read all about centrifugal forces and similar rules of physics that apply to such things as rotating wheels. 

There is no doubt that the Fiore is cute however, and cute will often sell a lot better than common sense.  The Fiore has a rather smallish fuel tank at just 4.4 liters capacity but one can fill it quite easily with the easy to get to gasoline fill-up that is located just in front of the driver's left knee on the lower part of the bike's console.  On another plus side the storage area beneath the seat is much more ample than the TTX's or for that matter all those Finos, Clicks, Mio's, and Honda Waves. 

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