Leah Layne, the referee at S.P.E.W. 
by Jack Corbett

Leah Layne brought all the way in from Michigan to be the weekend's feature entertainer at Big Daddy's Cabaret gets a free hotel room from the club and her feature entertainer fee of so much per show.

Leah Layne's the star, but she's also going to be the referee of the first S.P.E.W.  (Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling) wrestling match between Killer Kloey and Dirty Heather. 

So stick around to see who's going to be the world champion wrestler of the exotic entertainment world--you can be sure that Leah Layne as referee will play a huge role over who will emerge as the champion of S.P.E.W. and that the results will astound you. 

The photo shoot took place at Mandalay Bay during the 2002 Exotic Dancer's adult convention.  But actually, it didn't take place at Mandalay Bay.  My sidekick Mike Keszei merely hooked up with Leah Layne during the convention with Leah joining the pair back at their suite over at the Luxor, Mandalay Bay's sister casino and hotel.  I was determined to find a hot feature entertainer for an article for "Xtreme Magazine" the East Coast adult magazine he was writing for.  And it was Leah Layne who so graciously stepped forward to be the Xtreme model during the convention.

Leah LayneLeah LayneLeah LayneLeah Layne

Leah LayneLeah LayneLeah Layne

Leah Layne with MikeLeah Layne with MikeLeah Layne with MikeLeah Layne with Mike

Leah Layne with MikeLeah Layne with MikeLeah Layne with MikeLeah Layne

Leah Layne Leah Layne with MikeLeah Layne with MikeLeah Layne with Mike

Leah Layne Leah Layne Leah Layne

Leah LayneLeah LayneLeah LayneLeah Layne

This is just the start of my photo shoot.  I'll take it all off later

The photo shoot was totally nude and it proved to be the start of a long lasting friendship between us.  Several times over the next several years Leah would stop over at my Saint Louis Metro East apartment to stay for up to a week at a time,  often working as a house dancer at Roxy's, a PT's club, in order to make some money while doing photo shoots for me.  But the real classic event of my many dealings with Leah was the time she brought her one legged dog we called Tripod over for one of her extended visits.  I had one of the Roxy's house dancers calling me, not just everyday, but several times each day.  The girl had her heart set on becoming a feature entertainer.  The trouble was she couldn't even show up often enough to even be a reliable house dancer.  But once she found out Leah would be staying with me she was over to my apartment in a flash.  And Leah, who did have what it took to be a successful feature and who was reliable, indulged her, because there's one thing that sets Leah off from the rest of the pack. She's got one of the hugest hearts of any woman I've ever met.   The house dancer was one of the biggest screw-up's you could possibly imagine, but when the house dancer decided our all doing bicycling together on one of the Saint Louis Metro East's nearby bicycle trails, Leah went along with the idea.

I had my own bicycle.  The house dancer had two, cheap bicycles such as you might buy at Walmart.  So I loaded three bicycles up in my pickup and we all rode down together to the entry point of a nearby trail.  But Leah just had to bring Tripod along, not wanting to have her little dog miss out on any of the fun.  She had a little backpack affair and put the little dog in it so the dog could ride on top of Leah's back while she pedaled up the trail.  But we didn't even get one mile up the trail before the house dancer's bicycle got a flat tire. 

I'm telling you this little story just to prepare all of you for the basic party atmosphere surrounding the first S.P.E.W. wrestling match when Killer Kloey came down out of Iowa to take on Killer Kloey in the ring.  Heather brought along a friend of hers, Krazy Ted, a disk jockey working for Sapphires Gentlemen's Club and an attractive female friend, Megan, who I'd be meeting for the first time.  The trio stayed over at my Collinsville apartment with me and then the four of us drove 160 miles to join everyone else at Big Daddy's Cabaret.  We met Leah at Big Daddy's who was going to drive back to my apartment with me after she completed her feature entertainer gig at Big Daddy's and S.P.E.W.'s first championship event was over.  But for Leah Layne a normal hotel room just didn't cut it.  She had to have a suite and offered to pay Big Daddy the difference between the hotel room he had offered her and what she really wanted.

Truth is, Leah Layne is a real party animal and a people person who loves having all kinds of interesting people around her.  So Krazy Ted, Megan, Dirty Heather and I all wound up getting hotel rooms near Leah's suite.  I wind up with Megan for my roommate, a girl I had just met the night before.  Ted wound up rooming with Dirty Heather.   But later on we were all joined by Pleasure and Paine who wound up staying with Leah in her suite.  Paine and Pleasure had driven all the way down from Columbus, Ohio, which was something like a 500 mile drive to Big Daddy's.

Back then, Paine was 39 and Pleasure was, I think, 21.  Both were house dancers working in a Columbus topless club and Paine was and is Pleasure's daughter.   I had met them both at Nudes-A-Poppin and that's how we all got them started in all this S.P.E.W. business.  Pleasure was incredibly beautiful and she had this perfect body.  Paine was her mother and although still attractive, she knew her career as a stripper was rapidly winding down.  But knowing that her daughter had all the physical equipment to succeed in the top ranks of the adult entertainment industry she kept pushing Pleasure to develop all the right contacts to help propel her towards future stardom.  And I suppose I was one of the right contacts.  I was. 

Meanwhile there was this young aggressive very amiable general manager at Des Moines Lumber Yard who went by the nickname Big Mike.  And if you think Big Daddy's big, you should take a look at Big Mike who must have been around six foot seven while weighing well over 300 pounds.  Dirty Heather might have been from Iowa but she worked at another club in the same city Krazy Ted worked in while djing at Sapphires.  Big Daddy and Big Mike had gotten acquainted at the Exotic Dancer Expo in Las Vegas after which Big Daddy had invited Big Mike down to Missouri to study what Big Daddy was doing with his wrestling matches that usually pitted one of his customers, who was always a young U.S. serviceman, against two of his strippers.  Big Mike brought along his head of security and joined in on all of the festivities.

So the event, the first S.P.E.W. world champion wrestling match would be a real ongoing party.  Not only were there the house dancers working for Big Daddy.  There was also Big Mike and his chief of security who would wind up shooting the video of the Killer Kloey versus Dirty Heather wrestling match.  There was the feature entertainer, Leah Layne, who had this uncanny nack for drawing people to her like a magnet, and there was Crazy Ted and Dirty Heather and Pleasure and Paine. 

Leah Layne over at her hotel suite had this jacuzzi in the center of her main room.  Although I was rooming with Megan, at one point Leah insisted on giving me a bath in the nude in her jacuzzi, which I thought was way cool.  I remember that, but I can't remember all the exact facts about what Dirty Heather and Krazy Ted did in that came jacuzzi as Pleasure and Paine watched while engaged in some animated discussion or another with Leah while I was upstairs in my room with Megan trying to sleep. 

I call the first S.P.E.W. wrestling match "Death Match 1".  At one point Krazy Ted will be bleeding like a stuck pig after being sliced with a razor, but that's something you will just have to see later.  Leah Layne would drive back to my apartment with me and wind up staying with me for a week.  One of the things we wound up doing was doing another video which was to be the referee's commentary on what really happened during the match along with her predictions for who'd win the rematch. She'd wind up working at Roxy's and I'd go either to Roxy's to drink with her and the Roxy's house dancers or I'd drive over to Club  64 just a mile up the road.  When her shift would end at Roxy's I'd then pick Leah up and take her over to Club 64 where we'd often drink in the swinger's section. 

And that was the start of S.P.E.W.  And it would only be the beginning.  For more pictures of Leah Layne (in the nude) click here. 


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