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Death Match 1 at Big Daddys Cabaret

by Jack Corbett

Twenty years from now they will still be talking about Death Match 1 here in Missouri and its sequel to come on October 4th at the Lumberyard strip club in Des Moines, Iowa.

Death Match I the event, was a titanic struggle of epic proportions between two strippers, Killer Cloey, the Missouri women's club wrestling champion, who had been undefeated in twenty-two bouts, and the pride of Iowa, the legendary Dirty Heather, also known as Machine Gun Heather because of her prowess behind a 30 caliber machine gun

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There was an all star supporting cast behind these two maidens of steel, starting with Leah Layne, last weekend's feature entertainer at Big Daddy's Cabaret during the club's first anniversary who insisted on refereeing the event. Another pivotal figure in last week's drama and the drama to come, was Big Mike, the young and energetic general manager of the Lumber Yard who had driven all the way down from Des Moines to watch how Big Daddy's runs its weekly wrestling matches. Another colorful character was Krazy Ted, the unforgettable D.J. from Club Sapphires in Waterloo who is Dirty Heather's manager and trainer. Making their debut appearance at Big Daddys were Paine and Pleasure, a mother–daughter entertainer duo from Columbus, Ohio who had driven over 500 miles to see Dirty Heather and Killer Chloe get down and dirty in a hot oil filled ring. Adding still more spice and flavor to Death Match I were the delectable young entertainers from the home club, Big Daddys, who are some of the most refreshing I've ever run across. Completing the supporting cast was Big Daddy himself and his co owner, Ishmael. But it was Big Daddy taking center stage, perhaps more than anyone here, since it is he who's the master of the microphone.Big Mike


Leah LayneThe two Missouri club owners complement each other, each man drawing on the strengths of the other. Ishmael is usually smiling and supportive of those around him, having the uncanny ability few men have of reassuring those around him–"I'm on your team and with you all the way." But Big Daddys the man with the mouth, a big bear of a man who's unstoppable once he gets his golden tongue going, equally clever on the microphone (he's a D.J. by profession and one of the best you will ever hear) as he is in person. He had also been a professional wrestler, which is one of the many reasons Big Daddys Saturday night wrestling matches are such a howling success. Here they wrestle in everything imaginable including hot buttered popcorn, hot oil, jello, mashed potatoes and gravy, rice pudding, and soul food.

Each Saturday night Killer Chloe and one of the club's other dancers take on a young serviceman based at Fort Leonard Wood, which is just two miles from the club. Although Chloe is one of the club's best dancers, it's the ring she lives for. To lose is unthinkable. Like many of the men she wrestles, Cloey has served her time in the U.S. Army which is well represented by Fort Leonard Wood home to 45,000 military personnel, which supplies Big Daddys with a very vocal crowd which strongly identifies with Killer Chloe who it regards as half mother and half goddess.


Dirty HeatherDirty Heather is temperamentally the opposite of Killer ChloeKiller Kloey except for one single similarity—both women love to fight. Like Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry, Heather's the maverick who's going to do things her way or no way at all. To think of her in the military is unthinkable. The rumor's out in Iowa that she's been the bodyguard for some pretty unsavory characters, not because she favors people of questionable backgrounds but because of the excitement. She's the unbridled alley cat, a trim, slender, narrow waisted blonde in perfect physical condition. She's as quick as a cat with the strength of tensile steel. Both women are beautiful but Cloey's face is that of the classical Greek beauty whereas Heather's is saucy and wicked.

Leah Layne, the referee has a body to die for. Whereas Heather's cocky and Cloey's sure of victory, Leah is sure of her superstar status. She saunters through the hot oil, making little dance moves with her perfectly proportioned legs. Like Cloey, Leah's ex military, having served four years in the Navy. It is obvious right from the start that the crowd, which is composed mostly of young men serving in the U.S. military, favors Cloey over Dirty Heather. After all, she's one of them. It becomes apparent early on that Leah Layne feels at one with the crowd and that she favors Killer Chloe since both the crowd and the two women belong to the same military fraternity. Big Daddy's Cabaret hot oil wrestling

Dirty Heather is the outcast out to prove that she can kick any woman or man's ass in the place. The crowd is not with her except for the two Ohio entertainers, Paine and Pleasure, the mother–daughter team, who, like Heather have traveled a great distance to be here. Pleasure, the daughter is ravishingly gorgeous and Paine is very striking with a fantastic figure.

Big Mike is perhaps Iowa's answer to Big Daddy. An extremely outgoing man, Big Mike is all about promotion. Like Big Daddy, he sees tackling the unusual as plain good management since he sees providing great entertainment as something all clubs should aspire to. Both men are good ole country boys, who know how to both show and give a good time.

Krazy TedBefore the fight begins, Leah Layne manages to enrage Dirty Heather because of her obvious preference for the Missouri girl. Still holding onto her championship wrestling belt she's going to have to discard once the fight begins, Heather tries to bash Big Daddy in the mouth with the heavily studded strip of leather and metal when the man on the mic announces how Cloey is going to tear her from limb to limb. Heather misses and hits Krazy Ted in the face. The thick strip of leather, which must weigh at least fifteen pounds, splits open Ted's face which starts squirting blood down his cheeks and onto his chest.

WrestlingIt is obvious that Heather's the stronger of the two women. But Killer Chloe's ring generalship and knowledge of wrestling holds is superior to Heather's. Much of the time the two women are crawling on all fours around each other in the hot oil, like two jungle cats, each one seeking the right opening to deal a death blow to its prey. Each girl is quick to get at the other, but the slipperiness of the oil makes it nearly impossible for either to get a good hold on the other.


Eventually Killer Choe is able to pin Heather but only for a second. But Leah Layne, anxious to hand the fraternal order of the U.S. military its victory quick counts the temporarily prostrate Heather as she slaps the surface of the ring three times in rapid succession. There is no one to stand up for Heather who's been robbed except for Paine, who rushes into the ring where she starts to grapple with the former Miss Nude of Illinois and M.S. Texas. The bouncers are on the shapely blonde within seconds who carry her kicking and screaming out of the club.

The championship belt is passed onto Killer Chloe who has been joined in the ring by an entertainer friend of hers, Mad Macy. For a few moments Macy holds her friend's arm clutching the belt aloft in victory. Macy being taller and stronger than Kloey starts to feel that the wrong woman's been given the opportunities in the ring to represent the great state of Missouri. When Cloey's least expecting it, Macy knocks her friend into the hot oil, and pins her. For reasons that have yet to be explained Leah Layne dives forward onto all fours and quick counts Kloey out.

A new champion has emerged. But this one's won by deceit and treachery. Two worthy competitors, Killer Chloe and Dirty Heather, both representing the flower of American womanhood fought tooth and nail to a tie in this magazine's opinion only to be robbed by an unscrupulous usurper, ""Merciless Macy". It has been one of the bleakest moments in American sports History and one that must be avenged through a rematch. Our challenge has been answered with both Big Daddys and the Lumberyard agreeing that the fights must continue on Saturday, October 4th, this time at the Lumberyard in Des Moines, Iowa.

Pleasure and Pain with Bengal Tiger 

The case of Iowa has been championed by Big Mike, who has recently said: "We have a very large club that is ideal for wrestling bouts of this kind. Heather who is far stronger than Cloey was robbed in Missouri where the spirit of Jesse James and his fellow robbers lives on. What they did to her is criminal. Thankfully Big Daddy and Ishmael are much more fair minded than the rest of Missouri and have agreed to a rematch up here on our home turf. As for Mad Macy—She's a nobody who has done nothing in the ring. We will pit her against the Lumberyard's own champion, "Pounding Susie" who is going to make Macy wish she had moved down across the Mexican border."

Meanwhile, Big Daddy sees it another way having recently leaked to the press: "Our wrestlers down here are the best in the entire nation. We are the Show Me State. Missouri football has a great record of glorious victories. We are asking Iowa to put up its best female wrestlers and we will waste no time by sending our team up there to settle this matter once and for all."

No matter who wins, there was blood in the ring last weekend. That blood, even if it only belonged to Krazy Ted, must be avenged. October 4th promises to be a milestone in adult club entertainment no matter how this thing goes. Big Daddys and the Lumberyard are both stepping up to the plate to hit the big home run, that few other clubs would attempt. Death Match II should be a sizzler.


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