Taylor, Regina's knockout from Springfield, Missouri
by Jack Corbett

Taylor of Reginas


Once in awhile one meets a house dancer who is truly extraordinary. Now, it's hard to capture the photographer's attention at a Pure Talent Feature Showcase if he's focusing upon 14 feature entertainers, taking close to 1500 pictures in three nights.

That is, unless you are Taylor a house dancer at Regina's Cabaret in Springfield, Missouri who really got my attention during the Feature Showcase here.

The event--The Pure Talent Feature Showcase at Regina's in Springfield, Missouri. Jack's so busy taking pictures of one feature after the other, then copying the images from his camera's memory card to his laptop in order to show on the spot slide shows to the features that he doesn't have time for more than one or two beers. He's focusing upon the latest feature on the stage, getting his best shots when a blonde sitting across the stage from him starts to gesture animatedly. "Do I know her?" he asks himself. "What does she want?"

He had seen her perform in the late afternoon that first day and found her the cutest of dancer working for Regina's. Now she was waiving at him and pointing. Minutes later she was with him at his small table while he worked on the latest images and talked with one or two features sitting with him. But she was gone the next night only to appear on the night before everyone would be leaving for home. By this time her mother was one of his favorite waitresses and before the night was over he was inviting her to the Metro East to do a photo shoot.

"Are we going to hang out in some of your area's clubs?" Taylor asked Jack. "Aside from your taking my pictures."

She brought a friend with her to Jack's Hangover Haven. After Taylor did a great photo shoot everyone went to Mustang Sallys and after that to PT's. It was a great night. Everyone loved Taylor, men and women alike at Mustang Sallys and at PT's Sports Cabaret in Sauget her magnetic personality won over everyone who met her.

She's extraordinary. And we are counting on her next visit.



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