Renee from Michigan
by Jack Corbett

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Sounds like an innocuous way to introduce Renee----Renee from Michigan-but we are doing this to distinguish her from Renee (Raintree) from the St Louis Metro East here in Illinois. After all, both Renees are online and frequent the Lost Angels chats. Here's another one. The picture is called smug.jpg.

But it is unfair to call Renee either one. For one thing she's not just your ordinary girl or dancer from Michigan. Which she's not doing anymore by the way having a few months ago venturing out into the mainstream to perform at what many dancers call a "real job".

Confident or cocky might better describe her but here too we miss the mark. Since both terms are sometimes interpreted negatively. Reaching for other adjectives such as self assured, very approachable, comfortable, mischievous, and fun loving gets us a little closer to what she's really like.

She's a 10 precentor. That is out of every one hundred girls we meet in this profession only 10 percent truly distinguish themselves. A ten percentor ranks extraordinarily high as a personality. A ten percenter is a girl whose beauty goes way beyond skin deep. And a ten percentor has a zest for adventure and for seeking new experiences that is uncommon, regardless of one's profession. That's just the tip of the ice berg. Renee's truly unforgettable.

But for now we are just going to let you just feast your eyes on these first two pictures as you imagine meeting her in a club working her shift. Which is about all you are going to be able to do about it since Renee's now retired.

We first met Renee while she was dancing for Sam Stimmel at Cruisers topless club, now Stimmelators Gentlemen's Club. She was working afternoon shift and had to drive from northern Indiana all the way back to Michigan, a distance of some sixty miles. Right away she asked Jack about his web site, then called the club later on to make sure of its url. Which proved to Jack right off----"This girl's a doer. She has her eyes wide open too.

She was the first to sign the release to take pictures. Which is not to take away from other girls at the club, notably Heaven and Katt. It was these three who were to figure prominently in the Indiana--Alphapro-----Illinois connection, a connection that would last not just for months but for years. Other girls would come and go. While these three would go on to make a permanent impression, all of them a credit to their profession.

Now what makes Renee truly unique--that makes us love her to death?

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