Setting the pace
by Jack Corbett

Renee was the first to find out just how crazy Jack is at Cruisers Topless Club. Which she didn't seem to mind one bit. They did a series of pictures showing them at first on the couch, which degenerated into Jack's pretending to pass out on Renee's lap which underwent their final deterioration with both of them to all appearances being passed out on each other. After doing the pictures the group went up to Sam's office where they put them into the Lost Angels posts. Jack then made up a fictitious handle and started posting....."He's asleep. Both of them are. Jack's face is turning blue. What's wrong with him? A few minutes later Baron, a writer friend of Jack's living in the mountains of Washington State, called the club, agitatingly asking: Is he dead?" Is he alright?"

That was the first time Renee and Jack met. A couple months later he returned to North Webster Indiana where he shot a second round of pictures of Renee. This time Sam Stimmel, the club's owner, got into the act which is why this picture's crooked considering Sam took it.


But  Sam's no ordinary club owner. He's tops. Works himself ragged but still manages to have a lot of fun running the place. The skewing of the picture was intentional. But then again, how many club owners leave their office open unattended who allow their dancers to come and go as they please?

All in all Jack and Renee must have done three photo shoots together--that is, until the last one--so far. But first Renee disappeared from the topless club scene for over a year. Then she came back to work for Sam and that's when Jack, Alex, Mikey, Jade, and Derf came up to visit.

Suddenly Renee came online again and this time she had her own computer at home. The pair made arrangements to meet up in North Webster and Renee planned it so she could be in town that weekend.

Once again it was to be party time at Stimmelators Gentlemen's Club. The five drove up in Jack's Dodge Dakota. Derf and Mikey had bought long stemmed roses for Jade and Alex, red and yellow. Km and others in the Lost Angels group were there. The first night someone came upstairs to get Jack who found Renee waiting for him downstairs close to the door. "I can't stay long," she told Jack. "But we want to be with you guys tomorrow night. I came in just to tell you that."


Saturday night the Illinois group joined by KM and his wife had dinner at the Frog in Syracuse, nine miles north of the club. Then, finished with their dinner and the first couple rounds of drinks they headed to the club. Waiting for them at the door was Renee and her boyfriend. The group headed upstairs where there were more stages and another bar-----which is where Jack and his friends usually wind up for their serious partying and picture taking sessions. Renee was looking better than ever, no longer as thin as she appears in these pictures but still trim.

"Hey....Remember that picture Sam took of us with me spinning you around?" said Jack.

"Sure I do."

"Let's get another one just like it. Keith. This time you can take the picture."

Keith or Km had his own digital camera with him and his laptop. Which made two laptops in the upstairs of the club and two digital cameras. Once again, Jack and Renee hammed it up together. But unfortunately the pictures were lost due to hard drive failure so new pictures of Renee will just have to wait until the next time Jack visits.

"Hey....I'll buy both you guys a drink," Renee said to KM and Jack.

Five minutes later they had before them four shot glasses. Two having been filled with lime juice and the other two with Baileys. "Now put one shot of the liquid in your mouths," Renee instructed, "then don't swallow yet. Put the second shots in your mouths. Shake your heads violently and then swallow."

Jack and Keith looked at each other doubtfully, then did what the pretty girl asked. After all, she was paying for the drinks. It was hard to get two shots of liquid in their mouths but both were farmers and farmers are a lot tougher than the average guy. Somehow they did it. Then Jack blurted out.

"I've got an idea, Renee. You deserve to be famous. When I get back down to East St Louis we are going to substitute straight Tequila for the Baileys and we are going to call it the East St Louis Cement Mixer. And I'm going to tell everybody it was your idea."

"I threw up when I tried it," Renee laughed.

And ever since then Jack's been daring people down in East St Louis to drink the East St Louis cement mixers with him. Which has made it a tradition in certain clubs throughout the St Louis Metro East. Renee continued to party with the gang until the club closed. The group met outside in the parking lot afterwards and Renee and Jack swore they'd party together again, soon. And that time's coming right up. And this time Jack's got two digital cameras and he's doing video now.

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