Renee Spirit of Dollies Playhouse Washington Park Illinois 
by Jack Corbett

Jack Corbett and dancers frolicking at Dollies Playhouse Bar

Back then anything was possible. Dollies Playhouse, a strip club in Washington Park, Illinois (next to East St. Louis) had a phone line strictly for Internet use and a Web TV tuned into Alphapro that you can see in the picture. Both the front and the back bars were open and Renee (Raintree) was one of those bartenders you will never forget. Hawk, Raintree's dad, was General Manager. There were other great bartenders then, women like Dina and Billie and Janie. Howard was a manager then and Mike was working night shift.

The picture above was taken the night Dirt, Satin, and I headed out to the Las Vegas Gentlemens Club Owners convention hosted by Exotic Dancer Magazine. Over on the left is Silky who in time proved to be a real leader among the Dollies Playhouse dancers. Boy wonder Dirt is just behind Silky. Andrea's next to Silky while I'm lounging in Brandy's lap. Brandy later on emerged with Sexy Jessie to be among the sharpest women with a computer the Lost Angels group has ever seen. But at the time these pictures were taken she was just 18.

Brandy and other Dollies Playhouse dancers with Dirt
The group was exuberant. Satin, who was in the other room, would represent Dollies at the convention and Dirt and I were getting wasted. But rising above the little group shown in the picture is Renee who has good reason to call herself Renee the Great.

Dollies Playhouse topless club Renee the Great sticking out tongue

To get Raintree's measure one just has to check out the picture above. Although one of the youngest and most attractive women employed at Dollies, Renee was always willing to poke fun at herself. While dancers were often vain about how they would appear in our pictures, Renee would say.."Put it up. That's me. I don't care."

There were times she would practice dancing on the back stage, alone, and sometimes with me, although she would never become a dancer. She had what it took though.


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