Dollies Playhouse one of a kind out of 2500 strip clubs
by Jack Corbett

Dollies Playhouse Renee and Hawk

Father and daughter, Hawk and Renee. Seldom has there been a General Manager like Hawk or a bartender like Renee. Those were the old days at Dollies Playhouse when planned strip club craziness ruled the Washington Park, Illinois night. When Satin represented Dollies at the Miss Nude of Illinois contest at Big Als in Peoria and the club gave Jack and Satin three hundred dollars to cover expenses, Hawk was willing to reach deep into his own pocket if the club wouldn't. The club putting in a special shelf in its back bar for the Web Tv as it permanent presence on the Internet. And allowing Jack to bring in his laptop to get online anytime night or day, paying for the extra phone line. Of virtually unlimited picture taking in the back bar area so long as it was Jack taking them. So much vision into the future back then. Dollies seemed destined to be a Mecca to strip club connoisseurs throughout the U.S.

Dollies had two bars open back then-----the front bar across from the old long stage where several dancers could perform at the same time when you first enter the place and the new addition shown above which had a single stage, two pool tables, and a number of tables and chairs. There Jack took most of his pictures like no one had ever taken before in the entire history of U.S. strip clubs. Over 1500 of them and he would often set his laptop down on the bar to show off the latest, do a little web site work or, edit pictures he had already taken. During the day he'd usually drink coffee. At night too many beers.

One weekend Crazy Czech visited Jack from Indiana. Crazy Czech had just painted his face, half of it blue, the other half red. At Dollies he suddenly came up with an idea and discussed it with Hawk. Alabama was the first dancer to agree to what would become possibly the craziest series of photo shoots ever taken in a strip club. Then Hawk told Jack and Crazy Czech, "We will do it. I'm in."

Sister Margarita on Dollies Playhouse toilet drinking


It was to be the first series of pictures taken in a club's bathroom depicting a skit or impromptu play. The re-introduction of vaudeville by a bunch of strippers, a writer, and several club managers. Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex, scorned by dancers in other states, captured the spirit of Dollies, the St Louis Metro East club scene, and the entire St Louis area itself, which was once the Gateway to the West and which today is not given its due for the unique sense of humor and vitality of its people.

Ahead of its time one could compare Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex to the old Silent films. Jack knew that Internet video with sound was only a year or two away. Planning on it he introduced a stop gap solution. He would take pictures with a digital camera, then develop them on his laptop right in the club.

While highly regarded professional photographers of the adult scene were still clinging onto their 35 mm cameras he understood two things. That instant gratification can win a lot of people over and vanity.

Not that vanity can be a bad thing. Let's admit it----most of us love being the centers of attention. Most of us enjoy looking at pictures taken of us so long as they are good ones. And how many of us have dreamed of starring in a movie?

The digital camera gave everyone who wanted it a chance at stardom in the digital age. People from all across the globe would view the pictures that were taken in the Dollies back bar area or in one of the clubs rest rooms while laughing out loud at the zany plot lines that Jack hashed up or the lines uttered by the Dollies actresses or actors who appeared in the Lost Angels chat. Each week people all across the world would boot up their computers knowing that Jack would be at Dollies and wondering what they would all come up with next.

Jack could take a picture and have it online within ten minutes. He would dream up a new plot line, put it down on paper, then discuss it with the club's managers and dancers. They would then do the photo shoot which always ended up in a bathroom with as many dancers and customers possible, then he would develop the pictures on his laptop, go online right in the club, and run the latest Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex episode in the Lost Angels chat on the alphapro web site. Dancers such as Alabama and Marilyn Mynxxx would immortalize themselves forever because of their active involvement in the series while managers such as Hawk and Howard would achieve a degree of fame as men of vision and showmanship who could grasp what the future could bring.


Hawk pretending to urinate in Dollies Playhose toilet as dancer Alabama watches


The first  Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex airing went like this. Sister Margarita played by Alabama languishing in a convent and having had her fill of constantly having to heal the sick and making people rise from the dead, decides to tie one on. Sister Margarita with her bottle in hand borrows one of the convent's cars and starts to drive around. Inebriated, the now wayward nun ends up lost in East St Louis. Having to take a dump she walks into the first drinking establishment she sees which just so happens to be Dollies.  

She wanders into one of the club's restrooms at first unaware that she's in a topless club and goes into the men's room by mistake. Then Hawk, the club's general manager, has to take a leak. At first he doesn't see Sister Margarita drinking on her thrown and starts to relieve himself (actually he didn't and never exposed himself to anyone).

Sister Margarita is confused and intrigued about a man being in the ladies room. Slowly an idea starts to form in her alcohol addled mind.

"This guys wearing jeans, has long hair and is wearing a motorcycle jacket. He might be fun. It would be more fun drinking with someone. Besides, I haven't been around a man since I was fourteen."  

But we will get back to the rest of this story later. First, we have to get back to Renee. As the Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex series was being run each weekend, usually while she was tending the back bar close to the picture shoot Renee was doing her own performances. Her Dad never wanted her to become a dancer. On this she agreed with him. And she never joined in on the Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex picture shoots. She just laughed at the rest of us. But behind her bar she'd throw paper wads at the customers and dance while serving them drinks. She'd never take her top off but after the club closed down the back bar and sent the dancers performing on the back room's stage to the front room she'd go up on stage by herself and practice doing the pole.

Then one night Jack and his sidekick, Howard, had a few too many, Howard being a club manager and Hawk's right hand. Renee was playing on the jukebox the music that she liked so Jack got up on the stage with her. Everything was so perfect that night. The jukebox playing the selections that makes man want to dance-for this he had to thank Renee since most people don't have an ounce of good music in their soul and his favorite manager taking the pictures, Jack started to do the pole with Renee, then went on to jump from the stage onto the floor below or any chair within range. In his sandals. Howard went on to take twenty-seven pictures of Renee and Jack cavorting together on the Dollies back stage.


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