Sasha sensational Stimmelator's Gentlemen's Club Surprise
by Jack Corbett

It was Sam who brought Sasha up to me that last night I was taking pictures.  He said:  "Jack, I want you to meet Sasha and take pictures of her."   And just one look at sasha was all it took to convince "She' was one of the sexiest strippers in the topless club."   Upstairs it seemed she just couldn't miss.  One shot after another, each one a winner if I did my part.  

An hour or two later the club was closing.   A small group of us stayed close to the bar talking.   One of them, a pretty brunette, a bit on the tall side.  I just wish we had met earlier on....drinking a Tequila or two, both of us getting loosened up, before starting on the pictures.   This time there will be no waiting nine of ten months before my next visit and hopefully she will be there.  After all, the best pictures come off on the second or third round.  After these, I'm not sure it's possible.  But it is and when Sasha and I get together for round two, we had all better be looking out.

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