Jazzy of Stimmelators
by Jack Corbett

Jazzy was one of the top dancers at Stimmelators in North Webster, Indiana.  You will now find her at Cagneys in Fort Wayne, Indiana.   I last found her at an Indiana Club Owners' Association fund raiser at a night club which had a voter's registration booth surrounded by little American flags where unregistered voters were urged to register.   Come on now---club owners and dancers urging people to register so that they could make a difference?  The occasion was one of true patriots shaping public opinion to uphold our basic human rights of freedom of expression and of lawful assembly guaranteed by the First Amendment.  At a time that most Americans have grown complaisant, here the activists were the Indiana club owners and dancers like Jazzy collecting donations from the crowd.  This time the villains were the Mothers for a More Boring Nation, who not only are trying to shut down clubs, but who are attacking our Civil liberties on every front.   Unexpectedly the heroes and heroines putting themselves on the line are the people who own or work at topless clubs.

The clubs in Hammond, Indiana---already toast.   In South Bend, Indiana a ten foot rule has been imposed and the clubs have been forced to close their doors at 10:00 p.m.  Two-hundred billboards had been placed on Indiana highways urging citizens  to stamp out topless clubs and pornography.  City after city has been targeted by the Mothers for a More Boring Nation to be next on their hit list.   Prohibition over again, this time it wouldn't be liquor---it would be adult entertainment.  The Mothers for a More Boring Nation got the job done between 1920 and 1933, the Prohibition years, and created a huge world wide entrenched organized crime network that has permeated the political and economic arena at every level.  But it seems we never learn from the mistakes from the past.   Outlawing liquor simply guaranteed that the bootleggers would prosper later to venture into gambling, drugs, and other ventures.  

The Indiana club owners' fund raisers are aimed squarely at raising $50000 to finance a statistical study in Fort Wayne, Indiana that club owners are confident will prove once and for all that those communities and neighborhoods where clubs exist do not have higher crime rates than those that don't have clubs.  Once the study is completed, each time the Mothers for a More Boring Nation try to pass either a state wide or municipal ordinance aimed at closing clubs by contending that crime rates are higher where clubs exist, the statistical evidence from the study is expected to be used to throw back the charging legions of the Mothers for a More Boring Nation.  But you didn't come to this web page to read about how our Civil Liberties are being taken away.   You came here to learn more about Jazzy, who we love to death, even more for her activism than her good looks.  

One of the first entertainers I've taken pictures of here at Stimmelators, Jazzy took a leave of absence, which left her out of many photo shoots during my many subsequent visits to the club.  Then almost three years after I saw her for the last time she reappeared.   Renee had driven down from Michigan.  Angie, who had represented my exhibitor's booth at the Las Vegas convention was luckily working that night.   It couldn't be better.  Km and Philip21 were upstairs with me but the first night Philip and I walked into the club we didn't know a single dancer.   But this was the third night.  By this time I had taken over two hundred pictures and we were getting to know several of the new girls.

But back three years ago my first digital camera was scarcely out of the box.  The girls at Stimmelators didn't know much about me then, but Jazzy was game to put the camera through its paces.  There was no hesitation......and no delays to get her makeup just right in the dressing room.    She was just there, her very attitude announcing..."Whatever you want to do Jack?  You want to have someone take our pictures of you carrying me around the room?  Great".

But I remember early on Sam telling me she needed a ride home with a stop on the way to a karioke bar.   Sam drove and here was a slender pretty blonde I had just met having to sit on my lap.   The three of us had a drink at the karioke bar before we drove her home.

It seems a long time ago now.   Now on my eleventh visit to Stimmelators at first I didn't recognize the slender blonde coming up to Km and me.  She had been gone for so long.   But as the hours passed, and well after I got done taking pictures of her, I realized that she hadn't changed.  Km, Philip21, Renee, and I chugged shots of tequila with her as you will see in one of the pictures below.   Perhaps she should have spent more time with her customers.  But it was one of those special nights to be remembered.  


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And then there was the next night, two months later.  Jazzy looking resplendent, the night before my getting to Stimmelators tired from a long drive.   A breath of fresh air, like an old friend, coming up to me in the club.   "We can get even better pictures of you," I mentioned. "Yes.  I know we can," she replied.   She was working from 4 PM on the next day and I told her she was my first priority.   I'd take pictures of her first.   And the next day we did, then sat close together going through them in the little private area. 

Have you ever heard that you can see a person's soul in the eyes?   I think that together Jazzy and I succeeded that Saturday night with this last string of pictures.

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By the way,  some of us Lost Angels will be meeting up with Jazzy and her friends, not to mention a group of club owners at Piere's in Fort Wayne on November 5th, 2000.   Anyone who is interested in attending or finding out more about what INCA is doing to help preserve our 1st Amendment rights feel free to email the Indiana Club Owners' Association at inca@fwi.com 

I'm going.  

Jack Corbett

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