Jan, Stimmelators Bartender
by Jack Corbett



Jan bartender at Stimmelators

Who do you deal with most in a club?   If you are like me, Jack Corbett, or my friends, it's going to be the bartender.  Chances are the bartender is still going to be there for you as your favorite entertainers come and go. 

Jan's been with Sam for about as long as I've been coming up to Stimmelators which is going on three years now and from what I've seen Jan's up there with the best of the breed from the St Louis area clubs, Dina, from Dollies, and Lori, who worked at Visions.  

All three have the looks to rival the top entertainers in any club.  All three are sharp witted and easy to talk to, quick moving, and clear thinkers.  They have to be. 

To be among the best in this business reliability and honesty are a must.   You will also find that the best bartenders are cool as cucumbers since they have to handle a variety of situations and are among the shrewdest judges of character to be found anywhere.  

Jan is a legend in northern Indiana, having won at least one hot body contest to the chagrin of more than one disgruntled beautiful dancer.   Hey....take it from Jack....you just can't beat the best female bartenders in this business.  They've got the whole package.


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