And here's Flick.   DJ star here at Stimmelators
ack Corbett

You gotta get to know him to love him.   Even Santa Claus does, here played by the redoubtable Shae.  

I remember once or twice breaking the clubs rules and Flick running up to me saying:  "You can't do that, Jack.   This isn't East St Louis.  It's Indiana." 

And I clearly remember that debacle when two patrons pepper gas sprayed the club, getting Ford squarely in the face and causing one of the dancers to pass out on the stage, before being carted off in an ambulance before my eyes.

I didn't even know the guys had cut loose.  All I saw was Flick arguing with them, then grappling with the closest one. 

Hurried up there to provide some physical assistance.  I had come to think of Flick as a friend even though I lived far away over here in Illinois.  Suddenly I felt something in my nostrils and I hated myself for having to sneeze at a time like this when a good guy needed me.   But the two patrons rushed out of the club and we all ended up nailing them.   Most of the women and men in the place were going outside into the fresh air, coughing and sneezing.  Some of them could hardly see.   The two culprits had assaulted and battered practically everyone in the place.   I was the one to get their license plates which was called into the highway patrol.   Nine miles up the road the two men were stopped by the police.  Sam came up to the scene in someone's car and asked that they be arrested.  No arrest was made.  And Sam was ordered to go back to the car before they carted him off to jail.

On Rick's writeup I mentioned that the club's two DJ's once in awhile have to play bouncer.   Didn't want to make it sound ominous.   It's just that's the way life is.   Sometimes you just have to deal with assholes at their own level when nothing else seems to work.   But guys like Flick and Rick are the easiest kinds of people to get along with.   And here at Clubs like Stimmelators you are much safer than at practically any other kind of bar. 

You want to think of Flick more in the role of wearing that Santa Claus outfit Shae's got on.   He's as fun loving as they come and a blast to be around.     


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