19 year old slender top stripper Daniele of Stimmelators
by Jack Corbett


She's just 19 and we started taking pictures on my first night this visit to Stimmelators.  She only liked one and  I can't blame her on that one.   She looked good that first night, but the next she was ravishing, bringing special outfits and ready to take pictures.  I only wish she was 21 because I know we would have shared a few and I'd be willing to bet she would have done an East St Louis cement mixer with me.  That's a crazy drink for those who like to really go off the wall.   You fill your mouth with a shot of tequila then pour a second shot into it of lime juice.   Shaking your head violently from side to side you chug the two shots.  

Daniele would have done it.  I have no doubt about that but she's one of those rare girls who respects the place she's working for and the owner, who happens to be Sam, one of the best guys you could ever meet. 

That second night when we took the new pictures she sat just to my left as Philip21 sat across from me talking to two of the other girls.   It was the same table my friends and I had sat around so many times before.  Friends I had met over the past three years from all over the United States both in the clubs and on the web site.   Philip had been one of the first.   But it had been nearly a year since my last visit and this time when Philip and I first walked into the club we didn't know a single girl except for the bartenders.  

As I looked at the slender pretty brunette just to my left memories kept coming back of our crowd cutting up together, of friends getting together both here and other places not very far away, and even of some of the girls joining us in Illinois or the Las Vegas convention for Gentlemens Club owners.   Somehow Daniele reminded me of the best of them.


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