Slender Shapely Aleena of Stimmelators Fame
by Jack Corbett



"Hey Jack.  I want you to meet Aleena.  Take good care of her.   Perhaps you two can get some good pictures.   Aleena's going to be in Swank Magazine," Sam said to me early into my first evening.  

"Good enough for me," I told myself.   "She's the first to do a shoot."   Philip21 and I had just gotten to Stimmelators and I just didn't know where to start.   But now I did.  Not only did I take notice when Sam suggested something to me---Aleena was slender and shapely.   And I could tell right off that she would be eager to take pictures.  Undoubtedly she was listening to Sam as closed as I was.   And if he suggested that doing a photo shoot with me was a good thing, she'd believe him at his word.

Then she disappeared after mentioning she was changing her outfit.   I looked around the room, not recognizing a single woman in the place except my waitress and our bartender both of whom I had known for several years.   One beer later, Aleena reappeared, ready for the shoot.

Sam couldn't have picked a better model to try my new camera out on.   Attentive to my suggestions, Aleena started going from pose to pose after coming upstairs with me as soon as I said...."I'm ready if you are."   Before we finished, Shae joined us.  A few moments later I had two excellent models.

I looked for Aleena the next two nights hoping to get a few more shots of her.   In a different colored outfit.   But it was not to be on this trip so I'm hoping for next time.



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