Machine Gun Heather
by Jack Corbett

Dirty Heather posing with 30 caliber Browing machine gun

There are over forty pictures here of Heather  with a m-19 30 caliber Browning Machine Gun.   I took over two hundred at Vic Meyer's idyllic country home forty miles West of St. Louis.  Heather would appear in "Xtreme Magazine" as Machine Gun Heather.  Earlier I did an article in Xtreme with Heather posing as Dirty Heather with a Colt Python .357 magnum.  Vic and I would conspire for many photo shoots and Vic would ultimately partner with Xtreme Magazine and I in the 2004 Xtreme Weapons calendar project. 

Dirty Heather had a reputation for being tough.  One club owner told me she used to hire herself out as a body guard for club personnel.   

Dirty Heather would later wrestle Killer Kloey at Big Daddy's Cabaret in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri representing her home state of Iowa with Killer Kloey representing her home state of Missouri.  Only one girl would win.  Only one would be good enough to be recognized as the Queen of S.P.E.W.

Heather with 30 cailiber Browning machine gun


Heather appearing as Dirty Heather with the Colt Python and Ruger SP-101 357 magnums

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