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Around 2000 the Lost Angels chat had men coming in from all over the
world to chat with strippers who'd come to chat everyday

Who is Alex?

Alex has many sides to her character as proven by her adaptability to c. L For a better way of life, she is filled with hope that one day she will succeed in life. She studied to be a nurse, graduated and worked for a busy Dr's office in St Louis, Mo. till she ended up burning out like so many nurses do. She's owned a successful business in finance with a partner who extorted monies from the company and left her to cope with paying back all the bad debts he had incurred,,,,(yes, she could have bailed out easily enough by filing corporate bankruptcy, but that's not her style). Alex is not one to run away from a debt of any kind.

She has managed a catering and banquet hall, worked with the Special Olympics as a bull rider, (mechanical, of course), and a rodeo clown. She has toured the country in the cab of an eighteen wheeler, driving for as many as twenty hours in a 24 hour period.

Alex maintains her composure under times of duress, a survivor of a different kind. She is strong and proud, but not so if she sees the needs help. She also is the first to extend her hand if she sees someone else who needs help. She's gentle, kind, witty, and vivacious, sometimes opinionated, and very stubborn. Her complex, off-beat style of coping with any situation is delivered back in ten-fold with grace, poise, and dignity.

Alex is a woman of great character, unlike most exotic entertainers, she has been able to maintain the sparkle that shows when you look into her eyes. When asked, "Why do you dance?", she replied without thought, "I dance to celebrate life--and to cry for those who are lost."

Alex's web site

Her Poetry at the Writers Nook



Profoundly loyal toward family and friends and a total perfectionist,.....comes a man who is a real survivor of such proportion, one can only imagine, a Lost Angel, before the concept of which had yet to be designed! Proud and confident, he has conquered each obstacle the fates have thrown at him .

He is an ex-dancer, trucker, now works in upper mangement of a successful trucking company in which he helped build. A devoted husband and father of six, he believes the sun rises and sets at his wifes feet. As a father, he has forged a bond with his children that most can only dream about .

Despite the numerous hurdles, he's learned to face life with a wink and a smile. You never really know what he's thinking. He is very competitive and never has left a challenge unanswered.Behind his pale gray/blue eyes lies the heart of a dragon and the soul of a poet, as fiery as hell itself, and as closely guarded as the gates of heaven. A complex man, once you get to know him, you'll see his unbridled passion for life, his quick wit and unselfish desire to listen and help others, making him a loyal friend




She's the 2000 Lost Angels woman of the year.  For many reasons.  Starting out with her very popular and wacked out forum Here you can ask her advice on any question.  (Lately it's been on the subject of men with goats).  

You are not going to find her in the Lost Angels chats very often.  Delilah for the most part works quietly behind the scenes.  But she's there when it counts.  A party up north will find her driving hours out of her way to join us for instance.  We met her dancing at Stimmelators.  Now she's for the most part retired from dancing but as her pictures suggest she's in her prime.  Having seen her in a club you'd hardly guess that she can build a computer.   Delilah's  clear headed and as sharp as a tack with a well thought out vision of where she wants to be in life and of the kinds of people she wants to hang out with.  She's the kind of woman you would want to have at your side in any situation.  The kind of friend one's lucky to have.  She's Woman of the Year.  Enough said.

Big Daddy

Until recently one of the two owners of Big Daddy's Cabaret in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, Big Daddy is an ex professional wrestler.  Not many years ago he was a club D.J., one of the best in the business but throat problems kept him from doing this full time.  He became G.M. of the Regina's chain in the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Indiana where he presided over 14 clubs, and just several years ago he started his own club.  At Big Daddys he had his dancers wrestle the troops from the nearby military base at Fort Leonard Wood every Saturday night, wrestling in everything from hot oil to soul food and biscuits and gravy.  It was from these Saturday night matches that S.P.E.W., Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling was born which pitted the Iowa dancers from the Lumberyard in Des Moines against the Missouri girls.  Later, Iowa Playhouse joined the emerging S.P.E.W. cast.  Around this time Big Daddy started visiting Thailand (see picture), becoming a major figure in the Man Tour, which promises and delivers men the best times in their lives.  Then, just a few months ago, Big Daddy became General Manager of the Iowa Playhouse in Council Bluffs, IA, which is essentially an Iowa suburb of Omaha, Nebraska.  Look for this club to soon become the largest adult club in the state of Iowa with Big Daddy at the helm.  You will often find  Big Daddy in the Lost Angels chat room where he has become a prominent fixture.  If not he's probably in Thalland where you just might find him with Fun, the lovely Thai woman in the picture at Jack's new condo in Pattaya.     

Big Mike

The leader of our northern neighbors from Canada Big Mike's best known for his barbs against  "Merkins" and the numerous goat pictures he displays in the Lost Angels chat.

Let's see---according to Big Mike's posts about us....we keep goats in our homes and Jack Corbett's the leading goat keeper of them all.   Merkins are savages who still  haven't discovered indoor plumbing.  Merkins are hicks who own and operate backyard stills.  And so it goes.

He's colorful and quick witted.   But behind the bravado and scintillating sense of humor is a man who's sharper than most on computers and a steadfast friend.  

Even if it seems he's leading the rapacious legions from those cruel northlands against us innocent Merkins.  


You can e-mail Big Mike at  his donkey house




Hell raising is what Jade does best. So if you are going to take over a bar, a topless club’s vip room, the Kremlin, or the presidents office at a large university, Jade is the one to put in charge of things. And during the whole thing she’s going to get you involved even if you thought you could just stand back and watch.

It is difficult to say if Jade is better with the computer or a digital camera. She sure can take pictures and she damn better be able to when Jack and the rest of the guys around her are imbibing too heavily. And here lies another special area of her genius. Setting the stage for the pictures. She’s going to get people involved in those pictures and they aren’t going to exactly be your Mom, Pop and the kids pictures.

Here in the U.S. we never used women on the front lines in time of war. The Russians did. Here at Alpha Productions we endorse the Russian approach. So whether you want someone leading a modern day Commando type operation or just want to sit back and be lazy drinking beer and letting a competent stripper do the job, Jade might just be your number one choice.



There's a lot of rumors afloat about Derf and one of these rumors is that he's Jade's other half.   Certainly he can take over a bar, just by himself.  He's one who won't back down from a fight.  Sounds like Jade,  doesn't it? 

His hobbies include barbequing in the back yard and taking newcomers to the St Louis area snipe hunting.   Unauthenticated are stories of Derf's past.  These include his working as the captain of a tugboat when he was cock of the walk while living in Natchez, Mississippi.   And after that working first as the manager of a Texas bordello, then the owner of the place up the street.  Then  the  owner he managed for disappeared--never to be seen again.  

They say things got hot for Derf after that which led to his moving to Bangkok for several years.   What he did there we cannot hazard a guess since our sources grow scarce for that side of the ocean.  But this we do know....he's alive and well and kicking in the Lost Angels. 



I was born at an early age. Grew up in Winnipeg so my brain cells remained frozen until I left as a teenager. Became a reporter for UPI as a teenager. Put myself through university by working for the Ottawa Journal, writing political speeches and being a masseur in a women's health studio, as well as writing for newspapers back in my home town.

Got discovered by the Bronfman family who put me to work as a speech writer and intro duced me to the advertising industry. Wrote, produced and directed TV shows and spent 20 years in advertising, writing, producing and directing several hundred commercials and ad campaigns. Pioneered rock `n roll record producing in Toronto in 60's (RCA, Quality, Arc), co- directed radio show in England, produced records in New York.

At the age of 30, quite my job in a Toronto ad agency and headed to Vancouver. Opened and ran a very successful boutique-type ad agency until I sold it. Came back to Toronto. Freelanced for agencies and corporations. Specialized in hi tech advertising (Northern Telecom, Philips, Xerox, Toshiba) and pioneered ad writing on word processors.

Found myself working for Penthouse when they needed PR help in Canada. Wrote stories, took pictures, and got hooked on the smut industry.

Invented and marketed steel pallets for shipping and warehousing. Sold company a year later. Founded the world's first international facsimile network. Abandoned it when fax machines became cheap and everyone had them.

Zigged into computers 15 years ago (big mistake) when I probably should have zagged. Distributed specialized software for the printing industry. Then Lotus brought out 123 and the market disappeared. Began manufacturing OEM computers for dealers. Things were good until profits evaporated.

Back to shooting pix and writing for mags plus working as managing editor and foreign correspondent for a news service in the Middle East.

Currently freelance writing for newspaper. Specialist in Middle East politics. Occasional commentator on talk radio. Columnist for various newspapers in Canada and U.S. It's been a dull life.

Crazy Czech

Hello amerikanskes i come to this kountry from ze land of vampyres, verevolves n DRAKULA vith much olde vorlde passionate romance n tender little kisses en ze nite for that special voman. My desire is to make amerikanske vomen happy vith passion en ze nite for ve r all creatures of ze nite ja! Come to me darlings can you resist my vampyric lust n romance. I truly vant to teach all u vomen ze joy of being a voman en ze arms of your czech lover......come to me for much passion n romance awaits you ja!


With the exception of Jack he's probably the best known man in the Lost Angels to the dancers in East St. Louis as well as Indiana. Yet he lives 2000 miles away in the San Francisco Bay area. He flies his own airplane and uses it to cross those miles....in a hurry. Tune in on the Web Tv at Dollies--over at the back bar and the girls say----where's Pl/One. Well-sooner or later he will usually make it into the Lost Angels Forum.

He's probably the best computer man in the Lost Angels. And like Jack and Baron he has one of those wonder cameras-----a digital camera made by Kodak. Knows how to use it too----then uses his considerable computer graphics skills to come up with a masterpiece.


Doctor Doom

We met Doctor Doom four years ago living with an East St. Louis dancer. The dancer felt sorry for Jack having to drive drunk on his butt from the East St. Louis clubs seventy miles back to his farm. So Doctor Doom ended up sleeping on one couch with Jack sleeping on the other. Later Jack decided to send wilted flowers to Lori Mellon and Doctor Doom ended up making the delivery.

Well...one thing led to another. Doctor Doom ended up staying a few months with Jack at the Corbett farm. Went up to Cruisers for a four day party with the group including three St. Louis Metro East dancers and stayed with club owner Sam Stimmel. Now works for Sam.

Jack and Sam say that Doc can do all kinds of things. Fix cars, build things, track people down on a computer. How many people can go to a club with a laptop computer, get the club to not only buy him drinks all night long but for his friends as well, then get a free hot tub with one of the dancers and have the whole thing photographed with a digital camera to be put up on the Internet an hour later. Standard stuff for Doctor Doom. That's why we call him the Doctor.

Tornado (Mike Skymaster)

Tornado: A whirling wind that desends from a thunderous cloud and progresses across the land.

Tornado, a nickname from his teenage boxing days, joined the Lost Angels in the spring of 97. Tornado believes that "life is a collection of experiences, the more experiences the fuller the life." Tornado enjoys all sides of life and the adventure life offers. He can often be seen on Indiana highways while riding his 1996 Yamaha Virago motorcycle. Tornado, like the storm, desends rapidly from the sky. He finds added adventure in the sport of skydiving. When the weather permits he can often be found falling toward the ground at 120 mph. He also loves downhill skiing in the winter. Tornado travels all over the country and visits strip clubs everywhere. Among his favorites are Cruisers of North Webster and Dollies in East St. Louis.

Tornado lives close to Cruisers and in the same city as Crazy Czech...shudder. Tornado first meet Jack at DiRT's 21st birthday party at Cruisers. He also joined Jack and DiRT in Las Vegas for the 1997 Gentlemen's Club Owners Expo. Last October Tornado joined Jack for a weekend in the St. Louis Metro East topless nightclubs. Jack and Tornado were seen at numerous clubs from noon till 7:00am. They have no limits when it comes to enjoying the pleasures that these clubs offer. Beer, Babes and Rock and Roll!

Like most of the group Tornado has extensive computer and graphics skills.  Recently he has become Graphics Arts Director for the Looking Glass Magazine.  He has accompanied Jack Corbett on many photographic assignments and convention tours, Nudes-A-Poppin where he has proven invaluable as a fellow photographer and stand in mail model in which he specializes in playing dead guys. 



Jack Corbett

 Author of "Death on the Wild Side" I like to think of myself as one who lives what he writes. "Death on the Wild Side's portrayal of the Metro East topless scene is as I've experienced it--not the creature of an armchair writer's imagination.

I wish I could say that Lost Angels was my idea. That was GreyGhost's. The Frank and Lori comic strip? I'm laying the blame for that one on DiRT. The trouble I got into with Lori? That was all Lori's fault.

It has been one wild wild ride. Just lead me to the next one--the next crazy adventure in my life. And I'll write a sequel about it. Think I'll call it "The Girls of Shangrila". Either that or "Off the Scale."



Dick Fitswell

I'm the man with the plan.   I'm looking for the perfect fit.  This is my quest.   They keep barring me from the Lost Angels chat.   Even made my own chat site to keep me out.   But they can't since I'm too good to be true.  Trust me, I've got something every woman wants.   Fifteen inches of throbbing pleasure.  The other men are jealous of me.  And they are still wondering how I managed to get into the Personality profiles.

Hey all you sweet young babes out there.  If you think you have got what it takes to make the Fits Express just email me at




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