Platinum Club staff
by Jack Corbett

For me adult entertainment clubs are a totality of many experiences.   The moment you walk in the door sets the mood.   And Platinum Club does it right, every time.  After paying a modest cover charge you enter the room.  A girl smiles your way and searches you which is the way you are going to want it.   Her touch puts you at ease and you know the club is placing the safety of its guests first.  Then if you are like me, the next person you are going to meet is one of the clubs bartenders or a waitress.  With rare exception, the bartender is going to have one of the best personalities in the place and the waitress is likely to be very pretty.  

Adult clubs almost always have music whether they have a jukebox or a DJ.  Get a bad DJ and you are going to wish the dancers were picking out the selections on the jukebox.  No need to worry here.   All of Platinum's DJ's are terrific.   They can judge the mood of the audience and pick what suit it best.   I know all the DJ's now.  Three of them I have known for years.   But I remember how it was the first time I came into this place seeing the DJ up high on his perch overlooking the bar, the stages, and the tables below him.   The music was loud which is the way I like it but it wasn't too loud since one could still easily have a conversation here.  He played the kind of music I liked.   And when he talked into his microphone he was fun to listen to.  I was almost overwhelmed by the whole atmosphere of the place and the DJ was a large part of it.   I had moved up the ladder in my club hopping experiences.   This place was big time and I loved every aspect of it all.   

There are the managers.  Once they were people I looked up to.  I still look up to them but now that I've gotten to know them, I respect them even more.  They are gentlemen and ladies and they work hard.  Very hard.   This is after all, a gentlemen's club and once you start coming here you are going to detect a big difference.   If you treat the people here with respect you are going to be welcomed as an honored guest.  Misbehave and you will find yourself out in the parking lot but they are going to handle the situation you created professionally.  

Perhaps more than any other club in the area, the people here tend to stick around.   Dancers don't move from club to club as often as they do from other clubs.    Employees of the club often stay for years.   Customers keep coming back.   One of the major reasons is the staff is as important to a club's  success as its entertainers.    Which is why I've included on the Platinum Club's web site an entire section devoted to its staff,   They deserve it.  









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