Platinum club video

by Jack Corbett

This Platinum Club video was inspired by Jack Corbett's Death on the Wild Side Novel and the thousands of pictures he took there.

Those were idyllic times when Jack Corbett was doing the web site for the Platinum Club  before PT's bought the club around 2000.   By then he had started writing for Xtreme Magazine.  It was five years after he wrote his first novel, Death on the Wild Side.  And feature entertainers such as Jada Deville, Devin Lee, and Leslie Wells were being booked for their feature shows at the Platinum Club.  But Jack had sized up the Platinum Club and considered it the finest club in the Saint Louis Metro East for what he had in mind.  With its sensational vip room upstairs and 360 degree balcony overlooking the stages below, it was offered a superb environment for taking unforgettable pictures of the club's strippers.  The Vip lounge also offered the most gorgous party drinking setting a man could ever wish for. 

He also had a great manager to work with in Frank Marcella.  But after a year past Frank started up his own nightclub, Club 64 just down the street from Platinum.  A few months later, the club's owner sold out to Pt's and Jack moved over to Club 64 to continue his photography with Frank and Sherry Marcella.  It would be at Club 64 that the author managed to get a white tiger cub into the nightclub.  The extremely personable Tiger managed to get its pictures in Jack's Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World after winning the hearts of Sherry Marcella and the dancers.  By this time the author was no longer spending much time at the Platinum Club.  PT's had bought the club, and since it already had a good web site, his work was no longer needed there.  There would be new worlds to conquer.   Ultimately a club owner from Missouri who he became friends with convinced Jack to accompany him to Thailand where he's been living for the past eight years.


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