Best Street in Pattaya is Soi Sex (Six)

by Jack Corbett

This one's no contest as the best street in Pattaya by far has got to be Soi Six.  Consider that in the single block that is Soi Six there are over fifty bars with each one averaging say six or more girls working there at any point in time.  This means that a man has his choice between over three hundred women to have sex with.  And these girls are ready to go right now, with no wait.  You just pay the 300 baht for the room to the bartender and take the girl upstairs.  There's no time lost in transporting her to your condo or hotel room, there's no round of drinks or dinner first.   You are there for one thing and that's sex with no complications and the Soi Six girls are there to make it all happen for you right now.  And the cost for the girl is just 500 baht. 

The Soi Six Bars are air conditioned short time bars set up with rooms upstairs so you can do whatever you like with a girl without even having to leave the bar.  Bar fine a girl from a beer bar and chances are someone is bound to see you leave with the girl.  If you have a girlfriend someone's bound to tell her.  Soi Six is made for the guy who has a wife or live in girlfriend who wants to experience other women without having the whole world know about it. 

Relax in any of these bars and chances are a girl will soon be rubbing your knob  or giving you a back massage while you are drinking beer with your buddies.  To put this all in perspective, this crazy Norwegian I once knew said to me, "If I can't get my dick rubbed by a nice set of female hands while drinking my beer, then that beer is not having in the first place."

An infamous Pattaya guru known as Saint Thomas (because he once bar fined over 17 girls from the same bar in one year) said about Soi Six, "What goes on on Soi Six stays on Soi Six".  True enough, but both myself and several of my friends have been known to take carry outs, oftentimes having better results than we've had with beer bar girls. 


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