The Dick Fitswell Art Gallery
by Jack Corbett

Jack Corbett's fictional character Dick Fitswell, the man with the 18 inch penis in quest of the perfect fit for many has become more than just a writer's creation.  Dick Fitswell has been taking the word by storm.  Most women will call him an appalling scoundrel yet prefer him  time after time to Mr. Nice Guy.  So now that a whole planet's curiosity has been aroused over what Corbett's Dick Fitswell would really look like if he were real, Jack, arranged two art contests, with the winner of the best rendition of Fitswell by popular vote receiving real money for his creative efforts. 

April 18th contest

Winning image by Henry Manning who won by a margin of just one vote.  So who's Henry Manning?  

Greyghost's image and link to his art pages at Nugrafix


June 1 Contest

This one was no contest with Greyghost only competing with himself.   I received several e-mails containing cartoon concepts of Fitswell but these either were not original works or the artist did not want the attendant publicity associated with his efforts but I will show them nevertheless.  Fitswell, after all, is just too good to be restricted to contest rules.  He must be shared with the world wherever found.


Greyghost's winning images

Fitswell from the Fringe



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