Ed's birthday extraganza at the Malai Bar

Edd's birthday at the Malai Bar
by Jack Corbett

When Edd, manager at the Malai Bar, has a birthday she pulls out all the stops.  Nowhere in Pattaya could a more exciting bar be found tonight.  There was a sexy visiting troupe of dancers from Sattahip.  Then out of nowhere a long haired beauty took the stage to dance to Suzie Q.  A German I had never seen before took over for the lead guitarist and singer who stepped down to give the Westerner his place in the sun.  Good looking girls I had never seen before were here as the crowd continued to grow and became more boisterous.  Then  Edd took center stage.  She took the microphone and suddenly all the girls in the place were dancing.  

There used to be four Thai guys in this band.  Most of the stuff they play is from the 1960's and 1970's.  But now there's three guys.  Every now and then someone in the crowd wants to sing.  Sometimes it's a Thai lady, but more often it will be a German.  A lot of men from the United Kingdom or Australia will say Germans are stick in the muds. But come to the Malai Bar and you will find this isn't true. 

Enough.  I've digressed too long.  It's movie time.  And once again time to find out why Malai Bar got the Looking Glass Bar of the year award.  There's great music here and it's geared to what the customer wants to hear.  And with Tiger beers going for 50 baht and Chang for just 40, what more could you want?

How about a little sequel?  Okay...here's the story line.  There's a German guy standing next to me so I'm talking to him.  But he's got a very cute girlfriend.  She's snockered, and she's friendly, and I just happened to have this little camera with me that takes excellent video.  So now we have one helluva sexy babe here dancing for all of us, which just goes to show what kinds of girls all you guys are likely to meet here

1. And here's  Edd's birthday Video

2.  And the sequel which I'm just going to call Sexy Woman Dancing


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