Uncle Bufford's Pattaya Soi Six Short Time Bar Reviews
by Uncle Bufford

Nothing beats Soi Six for great times, immediate availability of women, cheap immediate sex.  That's why it's called Soi Sex


I call this Soi Six here in Pattaya the Promised Land.  Now gentlemen, these are your targets on the Uncle Bufford Direct Injection Street.

Bar Map of Soi Six

Blue Hawaii
Bull Dog
Perry Bar  
Butterfly Bar
Foxies two stars
Full Moon
Good Fellas
Halifax II
Kawaii Bar
La La Land

Lisa Bar

1 star
Mandarin 1 star
Massage 1 star
Moa's Bar and Pub 1 star
New Go Go Bar 1 star
New New Bar 1 star
O Bar Guest House
Passion Dance Club Similar to a Go Go Bar
Pat Bar
Quicky Bar
Red Point Room is good quality with inside toilet with shower
Route 6-69  excellent room= to 3 star hotel
Ruby Bar
Sex in the City
T.G. Bar
Three Angels
Thumbs Up Bar
Up to You Bar Now mostly ladyboys
My ratings system is very simple.  I score with one girl, that bar gets a gold star.  It's kind of like Grade School.  If I score with a second girl at the same bar the bar then gets two stars, but it doesn't get extra stars if I do the same girl twice or three times.   Bar that winds up getting the most gold stars has the best looking gals according to Uncle Bufford.   


If you liked my Soi Six Reviews, you are going to love my Uncle Bufford Walking Street Go_Go Bar Reviews.  Until Then.

Uncle Bufford


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