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The Trail of The Leech
by Jack Corbett

The bonermobile, cartoon of topless dancer's boyfriend's car

Here's some amusing cartoons and other takes on pimps and leeches, the pond scum who live off of women

It is the classic scene, the lazy, jobless, male outside a topless club waiting for his girl friend to get off of work.  

Meanwhile, she has worked hard for her money, lap dancing a bunch of horny guys or worse depending upon the club, its rules and how far the dancer will go.  Most of her money she will end up giving to him.  Much of it might even go to drugs.

This could be you.   Not a dancer?   Wouldn't never ever dance on stiff penises?   No matter.   Chances are you either have a leech in your life, had a leech in your life, are thinking about having a leech in your life, or have at least one friend who says she can't get her leech out of her life.  If you can answer yes to any of the above this page is for you.  And if you want to do anything about it, you owe it to yourself and all the millions of women out there with leeches to get at least one Pimp t let your voice be heard.
 But for now, indulge yourself in these pages full of rich Leech Lore. Welcome to the Kingdom of Leechdom.



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