1st Cartoon--by Mason Oller and Jack Corbett

1st Death on the Wild Side Cartoon

Ultimately there would be 120 issues in the Alpha Productions cartoon strip that followed Jack Corbett's Death on the Wild Side novel about the St. Louis Metro East Topless Clubs

Not many novels can claim that yet Jack did not want to get bogged down in the normal channels of trying to sell a book.  That would have involved making cold calls to bookstores, setting up distribution channels, having to put up with retailers that typically take three months to pay their bills if they pay at all, and then there would have been having to pay for all those damaged books from being handled by customers. 

The internet was new, and although the author didn't know much about it he resolved to market Death on the Wild Side on the Internet.  And then he started interviewing prospective artists for the cartoon strip he'd create on his web site.  Jack would write the scripts, but since he couldn't draw, he hired Mason Oller to produce the art work.  But when Mason wanted out of the project after delivering just one cartoon, Jack hired a 19 year old artist to do the art work. 

After a shaky beginning, when it was apparent that the young college student was nowhere close to being in Mason's league, the cartoons got better and better with Dirt delivering a cartoon a week for the next three years.  By the time the cartoon series had ended with its 120th issue, the fertile  mind of Dirt had created some monstrously hilarious masterpieces

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