Dirt and Jack Corbett's cartoon strips

First off, the artwork for strip number one was not done by Dirt, but by Mason Oeller, an artist from Harvel, Illinois, only a few miles from Jack's farm. Second.............do not expect to find the leech in every cartoon. The main characters are Frank Harring and Lori Mellon. In this cartoon strip Boner, as conceived and drawn by Scott Waggoner, becomes the creature of the young artist Dirt, who started doing the artwork for Jack at only 19. By this time Scotty had landed a full time position in Texas and had to step down as Jack's web master, recommending young Dirt as his replacement. Having been Jack's artist for a number of months Dirt became the web master for Alpha Productions. Meanwhile the cartoon strip came out each week, with Jack providing the script while Dirt did the art work.

But not always. Occasionally Dirt provided both the script and the artwork. For several weeks, Baron, a writer from the Pacific Northwest and a good friend of Jack's did the script and Marriah, a topless dancer friend of Jack's did two or three scripts.

In this series which ultimately encompassed over 120 strips you will see the young artist, Dirt evolve, improving with each week. But in the initial few strips Dirt didn't have a scanner. Some of the work was done by an artist employed by the server hosting the Alpha Pro web site. In the first strips Lori Mellon appears old and to be honest, ugly. Not for long as Dirt gets the tools he needs. Lori becomes what she is destined to be in the strip.

And now...for the first time everyone can experience the cartoon strip in its entirety. Now that I am web master I will get all 120 episodes up as fast as I can. As for the leech, although he is not always present he will make an appearance often. After all....the leech always leaves his trail.


Episode 1..................Art Work by Mason Oeller. Script by Corbett

Episode 2--------------Dirt's debut.

Episode 3--------------Frank does a private dance with Lori Mellon

Episode 4--------------Making a date with Lori

Episode 5-----Introducing Bubba, leech and  big time hood who specializes in hub cap theft

Episode 6---Bubba the woman beater

Episode 7---Lori thanks Bubba for beating her up by bailing him out of jail

Episode 8---Bubba the pimp tries to hook young girl on crack

Episode 9---Bubba the penis meets more than his match in Dominitra

Episode 10---Bubba get his just deserts

Episode 11---Bubba the leech convinces his woman that life isn't so bad after all


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