The AK-47–world's most prolific and reliable  assault rifle
by Jack Corbett


Feature Entertainer Jada Deville


Superstar feature entertainer Jada Deville, poses almost nude for Jack Corbett's gun article on the AK 47, the most prolific assault rifle the world has ever seen.  In a strip club, no less--at Big Louie's gentlemen's Club in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  When Jada came onto the topless club's stage armed with the AK 47 the entire room went silent.

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In some ways feature entertainer Jada Deville and the reliable AK-47 assault rifle go well together. As a feature entertainer, Jada Deville is nearly as well known in the adult entertainment industry as the AK-47 is among gun aficionados. But after that the similarities end. Whereas Jada is utterly gorgeous, the AK-47 is downright ugly. Nevertheless, the AK-47 has equipped more than fifty armies during the later half of the twentieth century making it the most prolific rifle in modern History, a weapon that is commonly identified with the countries of the former Soviet bloc, the revolutionary left wing, and whether deserved or not, the drug dealer. How did this evolutionary weapon evolve and just how good is it?

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