Skie, blond bombshell from the Brooklyn, Illinois Platinum Club
by Jack Corbett


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 Skie once again in front of the mirror   Ski in front of the mirrorThe mirror and Ski returnsSkie showing off her midsection before Jack's camera

Skie exemplifying Jack Corbett's mirror photography        Exotic entertainer Skie at Jack's bedroom studio        20 year old entertainer Skie    

You just don't go down to the neighborhood Chinese buffet restaurant and expect it to go like this but that's exactly how this page happened and if it weren't for my liking Chinese food, we'd probably all be missing out one of the prettiest girls ever at the Platinum Club. goes.  Here I'm asking myself...."The last time the food wasn't that great over at the ole Chinese buffet.  Should I go to Waffle House?"  I forgot to turn right so...why not, it looks like it's Chinese.  One look around the place tells me the restaurant has changed owners.  There's over three times as much food as there ever was before.  As the Chinese waitress takes me to my table in the back I see the pretty blonde smiling at me.  "Has to dance someplace," I tell myself.  That's because if a woman within 100 feet of me is not a dancer, then I just plain don't know her.  Within a few seconds it hits me.  She's from Platinum and just this last Saturday night while I was deluging myself in beer she gave me a big hello too.

She invites me to join her at her table.  She's not alone so I take them up on it although she's the one doing the inviting.  I find out that she and several friends are temporarily living just a mile and a half from Jack's Hangover Haven.  We all wind up killing the afternoon together looking at the web site over at Jack's Hangover Haven and just driving around. 

It's her friendliness that's impressing me the most.  But after that afternoon I hit the club a couple of times and watch her on the stage.  She's was not just one of Platinum's dancers.  She was one of THE BEST DANCERS in the whole place. 

Now I've had my eye out for this cute girl from another club and I mean she's really cute.  Figured she'd go on the Alphapro front end in two or three months and we'd line up a photo shoot in the next week or two.  But every time I run into Skie I see just a little more.  She's awfully young to be behaving the way she is.  She's just a lot more mature than most thirty year olds.  Either that or she's putting up one helluva act.  Only trouble is her eyes are too clear and she's always maintaining good eye contact. 

My pal, Rocker and me, had just done a lot of work to my photography studio at the Hangover Haven and we are all wondering who's going to test it out.  By this time I'm hoping it's going to be the young blonde from Platinum Club.  She's got so much going on inside for someone that young.  Somehow I know that a girl like this can't miss.  The pictures have just got to be terrific.  Because if they aren't, it's me.  I will be the one who will have screwed up. 

It's Skie who is to be the first to try out the improved studio.  We do nearly 200 pictures.  And I find out I was right.   She's a knockout.  Luckily the pictures show that. 

Things change.  They always do.  She's no longer at Platinum.  Skie's at PT's Sports Cabaret working nights as a waitress.  One of the best waitresses you will find there just as she was one of the best entertainers at Platinum.


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