Selena Queen of Big Daddy's
by Jack Corbett

 Selena of Big Daddys

Selena's already on the Xtreme Weapons calendar after having posed for a layout in Xtreme featuring the Springfield 1903 rifle, in one of Jack Corbett's don't hold anything back gun articles.  At this point it's difficult to get into Xtreme, an  East Coast Adult Magazine which has truly become state of the art with its cutting edge graphics, rich layout, and stunning photography, particularly if you are a Midwesterner and especially if you are not a feature entertainer.  Well, Selena isn't, but she's from Missouri, the Show Me State, and Selena's got a lot to show us that belies her young years. 

She has the look and often the attitude of a college girl, the kind you wish you had for a girlfriend who you could take home to Mom and Dad.  But let us assure you, for now Selena strips at Big Daddys Cabaret, near Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri which is 20 miles Southwest of Rolla on Interstate 44. just off of exit 163.  Well, she might seem more like a college girl at times, but she's got what it takes to rock your world, having attitude, a great sense of humor, and a sense of fair play that will make you want to keep coming back to her time and time again.

She's got it all, being best of the breed, and trust us, being best is being very very good.  She's got what it takes to model with the Springfield rifle and look damn good while doing it, but there's a lot more to it than that.  She knows how to handle the high powered rifle and to shoot it well.  She's the kind of strong woman you would have wanted to have by your side had you lived over one hundred and fifty years ago and been one of the pioneers who settled the American West. 

You should come out to see her and the other Missouri girls working for Big Daddy.  It's in one of the prettiest parts of the state and just a few miles from the highest hills from Texas to St Louis.  Missouri's has more kinds of trees than any state in the U.S.   They say Missouri's got the prettiest women too.  After being around Selena and her friends we are inclined to agree with that.   


Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World  is chock full of stunning pictures of beautiful entertainers with weapons such as the M-1, M-14, M-16, and AK-47 rifles and larger stuff such as the tank above and the 50 caliber belt fed tripod mounted machine gun.  It also has a lot to say about the guns as well--all 27 of them.  You can buy the book here, online from this web site in three different versions, full color paperback, black and white paperback and in Kindle format using your credit card through Paypal, or you can go to Big Daddys and buy one direct from Selena who will autograph it for you.  Why should you do this?  Because face it, when we tell you that most of the models on this calendar are feature entertainers who travel as showgirls from club to club looking for the best entertainers in this industry, you just have to wonder why Selena, Carmen and Harley, three house dancers from  Big Daddys, are on the front end of a calendar normally reserved for features.   Could it be that these are three exceptional women from an extraordinary club that'll keep the excitement at a feverish pace until 5 a.m.?


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