Sabrina Scott raising the bar for feature entertainers
by Jack Corbett
as published in Xtreme Magazine


Sabrina ScottSabrina ScottSabrina Scott

Sabrina ScottSabrina ScottSabrina Scott

Sabrina ScottSabrina ScottSabrina Scott

Who is the real Sabrina Scott? Is she what I told her, a feature entertainer who's raising the bar--setting new standards of what real dancing can be like on that stage? Or the calm woman wearing glasses, friendly but not pushy, who could be working just about anywhere in a professional environment.

Perhaps for the CEO of a multinational corporation or possibly a CPA on the company's advisory staff. Feature entertainer? No way.

Just one look at some of the pictures below will clue you in on what we are getting at. I met her a Regina's in Springfield, Missouri while doing a series of photo shoots for Pure Talent Agency which wound up in "Xtreme Magazine" and "Exotic Dancer's Bulletin". Sabrina was unable to make it to the Feature Entertainer Showcase on the first day. We were all staying next door to Regina's at the same motel so I hadn't had a chance to get acquainted with Sabrina as I had some of the other features. But on the stage at night it was Sabrina who kept getting into the most impossible positions. She could do somersault after somersault and go from one end to the other of the long stage upside down . I had seen some incredibly acrobatic dancing before, particularly by feature entertainers but nothing like this.

The motel had two computers online just behind the front desk with fast DSL connections. One morning I sat at one of them checking things out. Two features were sitting closeby. I was drinking coffee to shake the cobwebs out. I don't know if they were or if they had any cobwebs to get rid of in the first place. They were just quietly talking. One, a blonde wearing glasses, didn't seem familiar at all. I asked her who she was and was dumfounded when she replied "Sabrina Scott" because here I had been taking pictures of her over the past previous nights and had brief conversations with her either in the club or the dressing room. The transformation was incredible. Her glasses and slight change in hair style had made a huge change. Amazingly, she looked far more attractive wearing glasses then she had appeared without.

She told me she had been a competitor for national gymanastics competitions and had then taught ballroom dancing before becoming an entertainer for adult clubs. Which explains why she seemed like no feature I had ever seen or met before.

You can take a woman from outside the topless dancing profession---say one who teaches ballet or who just enjoys dancing in any form and have her watch Sabrina perform on that stage. It is going to take one helluva prejudiced woman, who has no use for anything smacking of anything adult orientated and who's mind is rigidly intransigent to not be able to say: "What Sabrina's doing up there is pure art."



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