Paine and Pleasure, prettiest mother-daughter entertainer duo on the planet
by Jack Corbett

Pain and Pleasure

If Paine and Pleasure are not the ONLY mother daughter duo in today's adult entertainment world certainly these two strippers are its most dazzling.  And what is more tantalizing than the prospect of a man being with both a mother and her daughter.  Even being confronted with two sisters doesn't quite match it for eroticism.  For the average male reading this or even bisexual female this should be enough but there's a lot more here of interest to those talent agencies and clubs who are considering booking them. 
How does one begin to choose between these two?  It all depends on what your tastes are.   Mom's a bustling fireball of energy who's nearly impossible not to like.  But back in August, 2003 at Ponderosa's Nudes-A-Poppin's outdoor Beauty Pageant, it was Pleasure who unofficially tied for first place for Cheri Magazine's Most Natural Beautiful Body.  and runner up for the Pageant's Miss Nude North America. 
Now let's put this in the right perspective.  There were over 70 female contestants vying for such top honors who had arrived from all over the United States from New York all the way out to California.  And these women pretty much represented the crème of the crop.  Tying for first place at Ponderosa is a crowning achievement very few women can ever hope to approach let alone attain.  Gazing upon Pleasure's naked body is a glimpse at perfection.  It is no exaggeration to compare the experience to viewing the figure of a Goddess. 
And now the illusion of the kinky Mother and daughter starts to unravel.  So take note  all of you who might, and very well should be interested in these two for professional reasons.  Getting into the top realms of the adult entertainment world is often a murky business.  There's plenty of sharks out there wanting to take advantage of someone as promising as Pleasure.  So who's better qualified to lead her through the mine and shark infested waters than Mom?  And isn't this perhaps the greatest gift of all that a mother can give a daughter who's decided to make stripping her career while having a lot of fun not to mention admirers herself? 
The pair came to Nudes-A-Poppin to get some significant credits they could later use as Feature Entertainers, which obviously they were quite successful in doing.  There they learned about Exotic Dancer's 2003 Expo that would occur one week later, and they went on short notice.  And then came the wrestling when Big Daddy who owns Big Daddys in Missouri got together with Big Mike, the GM of the Lumberyard up in Des Moines, Iowa.  Pleasure and Paine literally jumped right into the ring of Spew--Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling, becoming charter members of this most comely league of beautiful stripper wrestlers.  And then it was onto Texas where they competed for M.S. Texas IV.  They didn't win first place but as usual they won quite a few friends in the process, and it was they who Jack Corbett chose to do a photo shoot for a  soon to be published Xtreme Weapon's classic gun articles.  This one's to be on the classic side by side double barrel 12 gauge shotgun. 
The photo shoot in Texas turned out to be a magnificent one, one of the best Corbett's ever done.  And if there would have been a 2005 Xtreme Weapon's calendar Pleasure and Paine would have been on it.  Which now brings up the question, what about the 2004 Xtreme Weapons calendar?  They are all gone and there never was a sequel in 2005.  But Pleasure and Paine did one more photo shoot, this time with a 30 caliber machine gun which would have been on a forthcoming calendar.  So if you wish to see part of what might have been, check the machine gun pictures out at the 2004 October issue of the Looking Glass they starred in.   




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