Missy and the unfulfilled dream of the seven foot woman
by Jack Corbett


Missy in Club 64


East St. Louis's Club 64's owner Frank Marsala was well known for having ideas larger than life. 

 Which is one of many reasons Frank and Sherry Marsala have earned Jack Corbett's Alpha Pro Hall of Fame club owners of the year award.  One of them was to have a huge picture on the top of Club 64 of one of their entertainers reclining across its roof.  It would be seven to eight feet long.  And Missy was to be the girl, the dancer all lit up in the night sky every motorist on their way down route 3 to visit the Club 64's rival clubs would see, the very incarnation of that spirit of derring-do that puts the Marsalas way out in front of their competition. 

Miss in Club 64 photo shootMissy Club 64Missy in white gownMissyMissy

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