East Saint Louis Club 64 Meco
by Jack Corbett

Meco embodies the essence of what the best gentlemen's clubs should offer--fun to be had in the company of a free spirited beautiful woman.  The key here is two words, fun and beautiful which might at times seem to be contradictory.  In the same respect Club 64 is a club of contradictions.  Walk inside the front door and the place is going to remind you of some of your favorite drinking places--unpretentious, amiable, and open, except there's a stage in here and the women are far more beautiful.  But walk into the second section of the building and you will discover a classy ambience you would hardly have expected.  There's a second bar back here, a second stage, a fireplace, comfortable sofas in softly lit nooks in the room, and a winding staircase to the rooms upstairs.  It's a place where some of the most attractive women in the area gather and where great photography can be done.


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