Lollytopps--Queen of the Pole
by Jack Corbett

She's young, she's outspoken, and most of the time she's wise beyond her years.  But you didn't come here looking for a female philosopher, did you?  What does matter is that Lollytopps is Miss Universe's 2003  Fire and Pole Champion. and Miss Porn U.S.A.  What does matter is Lollytopps never fails to entertain when you see her up close and personal on the stage.  To watch her is to watch a master at her craft.  But that doesn't quite get it either.  You see, when we think of someone who's a master or guru at what she does, we are thinking about someone who is at the top.  The master is at the very pinnacle  and although just about everyone else is striving to catch her and to grasp a piece of the  summit, she has already arrived at the top. At this stage of the game, she's as high as she can go.  Not Lollytopps, who's career as a feature entertainer can be compared to the acceleration of a laser. 

The first time I saw her she was competing for M.S. Texas over at Club Maximus in Wichita Falls.  She didn't win the title for M.S. Texas.  That honor went to Montana Steele.  But she sure captured my attention.  Now when I'm taking pictures of entertainers performing on the stage, there are those who bore me and those who excite me.  The ones who excite me push my abilities to the limit since I'm always looking for the perfect shot, the one that captures the essence and the raw intensity of the entertainer in motion.  Lollytopps had that talent--the ability most, even most features don't have, of making me thirst for that magic moment when dancer, photographer and camera become one.  It is a matter of a tenth of a second, and even that tenth of a second is not going to matter if the entertainer doesn't have the raw horsepower to begin with.  And with Lollytopps one never knew what she was going to do next.  Lithe and fast moving, she could mount the pole with ease yet still dazzle with her bewildering assortment of moves without it. 

The next time I saw her was when she was competing for Miss Texas West in Abilene.  Only six months had passed, yet she had grown tremendously as an entertainer.  Her improvement was so extraordinary that I couldn't wait to see what she could do next.  

At Miss Nude World

Is there such a thing as being more in tune with an entertainer and more focused on what she's doing than snapping off more than 150 pictures of her in a single set (that's three songs), while watching her through the telephoto lens of an ultra responsive SLR?  The photographer has to keep his intensity up to a razor's edge, so much so that he can anticipate her every move before she makes it.  Most feature entertainers cannot get the photographer's adrenaline high enough to accomplish it.  Lollytopps can which puts the photographer, whose mind and body has now reached a higher state of consciousness with the two moving in nearly perfect synchrony at an entirely different level of consciousness from that of her audience.  He misses nothing, seeing even more than the judges.

Who could play Rachmaninov better, Van Cliborne, the handsome young American who played in Moscow during the 1950's before an entranced crowd of Muscovites, or spritely Ruth Slenczynska, who was born in Czechoslovakia, studied under Rachmaninov himself in Paris before moving to the U.S. where she was acclaimed as the best woman pianist in the world?  Perhaps the average person could not tell the difference.  At Miss Nude World, watching Lollytopps perform was a bit like that, of picking out how every one of her moves flowed into the next and how it went with the music.  Watching her was like listening to a symphony.  She was the epitome, taking dancing literally to a scale most could not begin to appreciate.  But flashy she was, and that could be understood and appreciated. 

I just got a call, ironically it was Lollytopps just as I was writing the last paragraph.  After asking her about her other titles, she said, "Oh, I've got about twenty of them altogether.  I'm also Miss Nude Wisconsin and Miss Big Boobs International."  That was just like her, not to make much out of her titles, although she does tell me how she's doing, how well she performed in the latest pageant or showcase just as I might tell her about the latest magazine I'm writing for or what story I'm working on.  She's just not full of herself or one to gloat about her accomplishments. 

Lollitopps was one of just twelve models selected to appear on the Xtreme Weapons calendar after appearing with the SKS  rifle in "SKS--A lot of Bang for the Buck from the former Evil Empire" by Jack Corbett in "Xtreme Magazine"



Would I recommend her as a feature entertainer?  If you are a club owner, by all means book her.  Just call Pure Talent or Universal Entertainment.  And if you are a patron who enjoys clubs and excellent adult entertainment, go, by all means go see her and see what it means for a young woman to keep pushing the envelope by constantly seeking new ways and approaches to keeping the crowd's excitement to a feverish pace.  





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Xtreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World
You will find Lollytopps in the book with the Russian SKS battle rifle.  Just prior to its being supplanted by the AK 47, the SKS was the Soviet blocs answer to the American M 1.  So which one was better?  To find out you need this book which just happens to have a huge amount to say about the guns being reviewed. 


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