Leah Layne, breathtakingly spectacular on the stage as a feature Entertainer, Unforgettable character in real life

by Jack Corbett

Leah Layne great body shot

Leah Layne on stageLeah Layne on strip club stageLeah Layne pole dancingNaked Leah Layne on stage

Leah Layne whose titles include Exotic Dancer's Miss Nude Illinois and M.S. Texas is one of the world's finest feature entertainers

The event--It's a Pure Talent Feature Showcase, this time at Oasis Gentlemen's Club in Philadelphia. I've taken Leah Layne's pictures in our hot tub suite at the Luxor in Las Vegas, Nudes a Poppin on a large outdoor stage, and when she visited me after which I wrote "Twenty-four hours in Leah Layne Land" for Xtreme Magazine.  Never had I seen her feature.  So here she was stacking herself up against 16 other feature entertainers, all of them out to impress, to stun their audience, night after night, three nights in a row.

There were some great entertainers those three nights but not one of them bettered  Leah who showed  she's one of the very top pros in the U.S., in her prime, on the top of the mountain few have climbed. 

If there were ever to be a Hall of Fame for the most memorable feature entertainers of the past ten years, Leah Layne would easily be in the top ten.  There is simply no one else like her.  She's real.  She's herself.  And she's generous to a fault.  Whenever there's something going on behind the scenes, chances are Leah's behind it.  For example, there was that last night at the Club Oasis Feature Showcase, with Regan Anthony up on the stage.  The last girl among 17 features, it was getting very late, and with the club close to closing, Regan was about to become forgotten, no matter how good her show.  Until Leah got several other feature entertainers in tow, that is.  Soon, the women were all over Regan and every man in the place's eyes were popping out of their sockets at the coven of dancers. 

Leah Layne molesting other stripper

She's a ringleader.  She's got a heart as good as gold and get this...In a profession noted for its very shapely women, Leah Layne has a figure that is unrivalled.  She will often drink tequila with you straight from the bottle.  She's a real man's kind of woman.  She's the creme of the crop kind of gal.  If you ever thought you really had something in the girl next door or the sexy vixen working down the street from you, rearrange your thinking right now because that's exactly what Leah's going to do for you.  Come to think of it, better stay with one of them and lust after what you can't have.  Leah's all woman, like a female jungle cat.  Chances are you are not a real manly sort of guy.  Chances are you can't handle her or are not brave enough to try. 

She's an entertainer, showing all of us what is best in a woman.  No matter that she's of sincere heart. She has all the right moves.  The right curves.  She's wonderfully coordinated and all of this comes together when you see one of her shows. 

After expanding the pictures here, if you still have not gotten enough of Leah (and who does?), check out Leah Layne, Modern Goddess.  Here you will watch her referee the first Spew wrestling match held at Big Daddy's Cabaret pitting Dirty Heather, Iowa's finest female wrestler against Missouri's champion, the indomitable Killer Kloey. 

Still not seen enough of Leah Layne?  Then check out Leah Layne in Jack Corbett's Shootout at Peter's Corral in which Leah poses with the Tec-9 semi automatic rifle.  And if you still cannot get enough of Leah, you simply must visit her referee pages in our S.P.E.W. section (Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling).


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Leah Layne won the title "Miss Nudes Illinois at Big Als in Peoria.  Later she'd pose  with the Tec 9 assault pistol for my article for Xtreme Magazine.  She was staying at my apartment with me so she could do the shoot but while she was there she got a temporary gig as a house dancer at Miss Kitty's in Washington Park, Illinois.  Chuckie the owner's son, barred me from the club because he figured me to be a customer and customers aren't supposed to be taking the dancers home.  This is the kind of thing why at one time or another I must have gotten barred from half the clubs in the Saint Louis Metro East.

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