Pure Talent's Lana Christine---Is she a great model or a great feature entertainer?
by Jack Corbett

You see her posing on the motorcycle on the front page of Alpha Productions and she's a model all the way. That was the time I first met her, at Exotic Dancer's annual Gentlemen's clubs owner's expo in Las Vegas during the late summer of 2001. She was at the Pure Talent Agency's booth and her pictures had just been put in the Playboy Magazine of Lingerie. Then I took her over to Alpha Pro's exhibitor's booth and had her pose before my camera with a Connecticut club owner friend of mine. She was terrific and very beautiful. And I never saw her again after the second day of the Expo.

Until months later at a motel all the Pure Talent features were staying at in Mobile, Alabama. I was standing by the front desk about to head to the Candy Store a few minutes later where I was to start shooting the Pure Talent features with my Canon G-2 digital camera. She came into the lobby with a suitcase in her hand and said "Hey, I know you."

"How can I ever forget you?" I replied. "How can I after you took that terrific picture on that motorcyle at the Pure Talent booth?"

During the next four nights she would become my pal. We would always talk in the dressing room and I remember our first conversation there while she was filling out her DJ sheet.

"What should I put down for special strobe lighting effects and the smoke machine?" she asked.

"Put down whatever you want. The effects are nice but you aren't going to take very good pictures through all that smoke and strobe lighting."

"Then I'll write down no. I won't use them," she said.

Some of the features seem unaware of the guys taking their pictures because they are so busy doing their acts and you really can't blame them. This was a feature talent event and club owners were in the crowd trying to decide what features they are going to book. They are out to impress the club owners. A single club owner might book a feature for a multi week tour of several of his clubs since many of the clubs here are chains.

Lana Christine impressed everybody there at the club, especially me. The DJ who was damn good was impressed. The bouncer and one of the managers later on came to the Lost Angels chat online hoping to get in touch with her. Then there was Larry.

That first night was the Meet and Greet, an informal event attended by the features who simply mingled with the crowd. Their stage events were to begin the next night and were to continue for three nights straight. After spending several hours in the club I followed a couple features outside. We were all heading back to the motel. I heard a voice calling out to me--"Hey, I like that hat you are wearing. Can I buy it from you?" The voice came from a guy who was about to get into his pickup truck. I had my Dodge four wheeler parked close to his so we looked at each other's pickup trucks. He had a twenty-two rifle lying across his seat with a scope on it which is something I'd probably do.

That was Larry. He was a Southerner from Mobile. We then started talking about women and somehow got on the subject of women who were beautiful both on the inside and the outside.

"I paint as a hobby," Larry told me. "I'll tell you what. I'll pick a dancer and you pick a dancer. Both of us will pick a girl we think is truly beautiful, both inside and out. And then we will choose between the two and I'll do a painting of the girl we decide upon."

"A girl whose very soul shines from her eyes," I replied. "The kind of girl who is transcendental, not just someone who is put together right and who has nice hair and a pretty face. Someone who will still be beautiful when she's sixty."

The next night Larry was in the club leading a pretty blonde house dancer by the hand up to me. He introduced her and then she grinned and said: "Larry has told me all about you and how you are taking pictures for Pure Talent. I sure hope you find the time to take a few of me."

That night she hung around me a lot, sitting next to me as I worked on my pictures on my laptop just in front of the stage. She was warm and friendly. We lined up a photo shoot in my motel room the next day.

The girl brought her boyfriend along who was the club's alternate DJ. I had a black photography portable background in my room. But the bed had these horrendous bed covers on it. You could have the most beautiful girl in that room and there would be no way you could get great pictures of her. So the three of us headed back to the club and took a lot more pictures there. Much better ones.

Larry came in again that night and this time I introduced him to Lana Christine. "My God. She is really something," he said. The girl I know is cute but she's nothing like Lana. I want to do the painting of Lana."

I don't know how I can convey through simple words what Lana was like those four days and nights I was around her. On the stage her eyes took in where I was with my camera and somehow she was able to concentrate on her performances and upon the customers admiring her and still know where I was and when I was about to shoot a picture of her. Often she would hesitate in front of the camera for a second or two and when the flash went off she would continue her act. If you could only see all of her pictures. Most of the time her eyes are looking directly at the lens--a models eyes, eating up whatever they see.

The house dancer I had taken pictures of used every excuse she could think of to show up in the feature's dressing room. She loved Lana, singling her out whenever she could.

There's another thing about Lana. She's not a dancer. Believe me she can dance but here's a little on her background which explains why she's not a dancer. She danced for a year or two in her late teens and then had nothing to do with the profession for ten years. She worked doing Accounting work in an Accounting office for those ten years, doing a regular job, getting up early in the morning the way most normal people do. Then she started modeling on the side and it was about that time that I met her at the Pure Talent booth in Las Vegas. I don't think she had done a single gig as a feature when I met her. So she was new to the feature scene--a complete unknown.

I was going to do an interview of her roommate, Sabrina Scott, for "Xtreme Magazine" and do some special pictures of her. So I'd go up to Sabrina and Lana's room looking for Sabrina. I'd find Lana in the room alone, with her everyday clothes on and her high heels off. No makeup on her face. She seemed much shorter in the room with her heels off and although she looked nice without her makeup on she just didn't seem to be the showgirl type. I noticed something about her face. It was a face that showed not just intelligence but wisdom and a contentment about herself that one very seldom finds in this profession. It was a face like you might find on your neighbors wife, a neighbor who is your friend and who you often had coffee with and if he was not there, his wife would make you a pot of coffee and the two of you would just sit there sipping it while waiting for your friend to come in.

Which brings us back to the question--is Lana Christine an entertainer or a model. She's neither. But just happens to be good at both which was probably never her major goal in life and probably still isn't.



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