Kasey Karrington
by Jack Corbett


Kasey Karrington

She's a fox. Her pictures give her away. And the best part of it is she started her dancing career back here at Visions when it was known as Platinum Paradise Show Club. A house dancer with all the rest, Kasey demonstrated right off that she was cut from a different kind of cloth, going online before anyone else did, being more reliable than most while setting an example of a superior work ethic. There's the Gigs to line up which takes a lot of work, particularly when one is operating without an agent. The endless promotion that goes with the territory. Autographs to sign, pictures to be taken, calendars specially designed with the feature's image, then handed out to patrons in the clubs she's featuring at. Getting into the magazines--Kasey's in Cheri among others.

And for Kasey there's the Internet--once again promoting herself. Making friends in chat rooms, posting messages in BBS's which are online bulletin boards. Sending out hundreds of e-mails to her fans. It all pays off and the smart ones know this.

But knowing and doing are two different things. The best features work 80 to 100 hours a week. The average human cannot stand the pace.

It can get lonely at the top, yet the crowd is always there. The feature's mind has to remain razor sharp when everyone around her is ready to call it a night. She cannot let down. It is fatal to let her feelings out on her sleeve. It takes a mind like a steel trap and the constitution of a wolf.

Organization, careful planning, the raw physical effort of getting out on that stage night after night, then all tired out sending letters and brochures out, and all those e-mails.

Kasey came from Visions. Now she's got the whole world in front of her.  

But hold on, because when I say she's a fox I mean a little more than you think I do when I say it.

Kasey Karrington is now a feature entertainer which means she travels across the United States performing in clubs purely as an entertainer. She just can't fit in with the other dancers. She has to stand out head and shoulders above the rest-otherwise she's not going to be invited back.

K.C. Karrington on stage


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